Back On The Treadmill

Its been a while since I’ve had a proper workout on the treadmill due to my knee. I was a little bit nervous to get back on the treadmill in case it upset my knee again. But I wore my knee support and just went for it. Open-mouthed smile 

It went well!







On my training plan for today I intended to do a 30 minute session of cardio and work the upper body. Here’s what I did:


Todays Workout:
  35 minutes
Workout:   5 mins warm up on stepper
                   3.7km on treadmill
Calories:   300
Additional: 30 chest presses
                   30 over head presses
                   30 pull downs
                  10 cross body bicep curls
                  10 bicep curls
                  15 lateral shoulder raise
                  15 lateral shoulder front raises

I’m feeling pretty good after all of that! I love running. But I’m getting pretty hungry and craving lunch! I’m off to make some food!

How’s your Friday? What plans do you have for the weekend?


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