You Know The Seasons Are Changing When…

You know the seasons are changing when…


..the hoodies begin to make an appearance.

You know the seasons are changing when…

DSCN4807 rains for the majority of the week.

You know the seasons are changing when…


..your mum cooks up a casserole for dinner.


Todays Workout:
Duration: 40 minutes
Workout: 2.0 mile walk
                 CNW Workout
Calories: 150
Additional: N/A

I didn’t go to the gym today but instead I did a strength training workout and a 30 minute walk to my grandparents. As we’re over half way through the week I thought it seemed a good idea to review my ‘Starting Again Plan’ to Eat Less and Move More:

The last two days, my appetite has been crazy. I’ve felt so hungry – maybe because I’m exercising more or something I don’t know. So I’ve been finding it harder to stick to the ‘Eat Less’ aspect of my plan. Nevertheless, I have consciously made sure to, only snack on fruit in between meals, eat slower, cut out bread and not eat after 9pm. I’ve slacked a bit on the last two meals at dinner time and I’ve gone for second helpings. I really want to try and control my hungry urges better.

However, I am feeling more positive about the ‘Move More’ side of the plan. You can check out my workout log to see my weekly workouts.

To finish the first week on a more upbeat tone I am going to incorporate the plan together as I know I won’t get results unless I make an effort to exercise and eat well. I can do this! Open-mouthed smile

My mum dished up a delicious casserole for dinner tonight, so thankfully my second helpings were healthy and nutritious.


Casserole is such a delicious comfort food in the colder seasons. I love the flavour and I love that its packed full of veggies. Easily one of my top 10 meals.


I intend on reviewing the ‘Eat Less, Move More’ plan in more depth at the end of the week, hopefully by then I will have had time to correct myself and actually eat less.


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