My First Pilates Class

I went to my first Pilates Class today!


Todays Workout:
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
Workout:  1 hour Pilates
                   15 mins swimming
Calories:   300
Additional: N/A

I signed both my mum and dad in to the gym today using my free guest passes. Mum and I took an hour Pilates class at half 8 this morning, while Dad used the gym. It was the first class I’ve attended. I’ve only ever used a Pilates DVD at home, so I didn’t know what to expect – but it was really nice! The instructor was friendly, welcoming and motivating. It was a good class.


It made a good change and I’m definitely going to incorporate Pilates in to my weekly workouts as much as possible from now on. The gym offers Pilates on a Tuesday and Wednesday so I’m going to try and fit classes in as much as I can Smile 

As the leaflet suggests, the class provided an all over workout. It had around 12 people participating and they were literally all ages, ranging from old to young. Afterwards we went to use the pool and spa Smile I swam 20 lengths again at a moderate pace.

Have you ever taken a Pilates class?


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