Short N Sweet

Today was filled with all things short and sweet! Well, I wouldn’t say that my shift at work was short, and it certainly wasn’t sweet but from 3pm onwards it was much better.


Last night I packed my gym bag so I was able to head straight to the gym from work today. It took me a little under 20 minutes to drive down to the gym. I swiped my card at the reception around 3.20 and was changed and on the cross trainer by half past three. In the afternoons its important that I keep an eye on the time because my membership is off-peak and I have to be out by 5.

Todays workout:
30 minutes.
Workout: Cross-trainer cardio programme.
Calories: 325.
Additional: 100 sit ups in Ab Roller.
                   30 hip exercises with hand weights.
                   30 crunches on machine.

I was very satisfied with the outcome of my first workout today! Smile

This evening I made a trip to Bluewater with mum as I wanted to return a skirt. It was a short but pleasant trip. I really like the shopping centres in the evenings as they’re fairly quiet and seem nice and relaxed! Side note – how dark is it getting in the evenings already?! Its only the first week in September but it seems so dark already!

On my training plan for tomorrow: 15 minutes cardio, lower body workout and swimming. I’ve got the next two days off work, so I’m looking forward to some time off to enjoy and take advantage of what my gym has on offer.


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