New Gym Membership

I joined a new gym over the weekend! Looks like I’m a newbie once again Winking smile



For a while now I’ve been tempted to join a gym with better facilities than my first gym, and over the weekend I finally made the decision to just go for it!

– Is considerably larger than my old gym.
– Has more machines and a better variety of machines.
– Has a pool and spa facilities.
– Provides a number of classes throughout the week at flexible times.
– Has spacious and clean changing rooms with plenty of facilities on offer like hairdryers.

I had a look around on Saturday and was clearly impressed as I signed up as soon as I could! I couldn’t wait to become a member. The gym is so spacious and clean. There are three floors, with the pool area on the ground floor, studios for classes on the middle floor and the gym is on the top floor. The gym is really open and naturally light because it looks out to the ‘water front’ so its really cool to jump on a machine and watch the interesting views of all the boats on the river.

I’ve wasted no time in devising a new workout plan on Google documents, I’m going to plan it a week at a time so I will be updating it all the time to add or change bits. (You can view the document here.)



Training begins tomorrow! On the plan for Monday: 30 Minutes Cardio and an abs workout!

I plan to write a full review of my new gym in a months time, but I will be sure to keep my workouts posted on the blog! I’m loving my motivation – got to try and keep this up!


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