My Starting Again Plan: Eat Less Move More

As we are now in September, my Starting Again Plan has commenced! I want a way to keep it as simple as possible, and the other day I heard something on the radio that was talking about dieting and it really struck home to me: “Eat Less Move More.” When I heard it I thought, ‘yes’, they are the simple but key four words I need to remember.

Eat Less.


The main thing that I am concerned about with my eating habits at the moment are my hungry urges to always go for second helpings at the meal table. I know that I don’t need to have that second helping, I just have to learn to say no again. So I’ve put together some action to take to prevent splurges:
– No second helpings.
– Go back to eating a portion at meal times.
– Eat slower and concentrate on the food I am eating so I can register when I’m full.
– Only snack on fruit/veg between meals.
– If I’m hungry try having a drink instead.
– Drink more water.
– Save diet coke for special occasions. Stop having it regularly.
– Eat less ketchup.
– Don’t eat so much bread.
– No eating after 9pm.

Move More


As part of my ‘Move More’ plan, I’m very pleased to say that tomorrow I have a tour booked at a new gym I’m highly interested in joining! I think trying something new is exactly what I need to get my motivation back! My old gym has a ‘pay as you use’ method so I don’t have any strings attached and am therefore free to go somewhere else.

The gym I’m looking around tomorrow has a lot more facilities on offer like classes and a pool and spa Open-mouthed smile I’m so excited about looking around! My old gym is as basic as it comes with purely cardio machines and weights. They did offer classes but I always found them very limited and the times weren’t flexible enough for me. The prospect of a variety of classes at a variety of different times sounds so good!

In my youth I was also a very keen swimmer and I was a good strong swimmer where I used to go regularly. I’ve wanted to get back into swimming for so long, and this may finally be my chance!

I really think joining this will encourage me to ‘Move More’ as all these new facilities should stimulate my interest and get my mind and body more engaged!

Anyway, I’ll do a full post in a few days once I’ve actually joined. But in the spirit of things I’ve taken  a ‘Before’ picture of myself so that I can use this to compare results!


The area that is bugging me is largely my stomach and hips (as always), in the past I have managed to tone this area up but it takes a lot of hard work and its probably an area that is going to require me to be strict in my diet for it to actually work. But, if I do join this gym there are loads of fun and exciting classes I would definitely use to help tone this up!




I’m also loving the Carrots N Weights workouts on CarrotsNCake so I’m going to use those along with some other bits and bobs. Unfortunately I only have really tiny weights at home but I’m not exactly at my strongest at the moment so its better than nothing right? I wonder what the new gym offers in terms of weight training Open-mouthed smile 

Stay tuned for an update!

What motivates you to Eat Less and Move More?


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