Placing The Past Away In A Box

Can you put years of history into one, neat little box?


Okay technically maybe not because history is not as simple as a single object. But if you could represent history through an object, could you squeeze the history of your life into a single box?

Well, for the past decade I have been saving little tidbits of my life that I think reflect my character. I like to think of it as a sort of time capsule that I bury in my wardrobe rather than in the earth.


What’s In My Time Capsule and What It Represents About Me.
A hairbrush. From when I was a baby. Not only is it just such a cute item to treasure for personal reasons I think it completely connotes my innocent baby years and it represents that I’ve always enjoyed my hair.
A dappy. I used to use a ‘dappy’ as a comfort blanket to suck my thumb with when I was a child. I think that this represents how I like comforting things in my life, they make me feel safe.
A Barbie shoe. I loved to play and use my imagination when I was little, particularly with Barbies and some of my favourite bits were their shoes. This represents both my playful nature and my love for shoes.
A collection of tickets dating back to 2000, (including cinema and theatre tickets.) This represents how I love films and the drama behind watching a performance.
A Prefect badge. My secondary school prefect badge represents how I take pride in the things I do. It also represents how I’m a bit of a goody goody.
A notepad. Farewell messages from girls I went to school with. This represents how I enjoyed my time at school but at the same time, it also represents how I’ve never been popular as there aren’t a massive amount of messages inside.
A wad of envelopes. Containing examination results: GCSE, A Level, Driving test certificates. This represents how I’ve worked hard and achieved positive things from it. It also represents that I’m not fantastic and that sometimes I fail, but whenever I do fail, I pick myself straight back up again.
A rose. My first ever rose from a boy. This represents how I value romance and how I’m probably a bit too soppy.

They are just some of the things in my time capsule/memory box. It may not seem like it at first, but there is a lot of history in that box. I imagine the list above should prove this as I’ve highlighted some of the main objects, which on the outside may look like a meaningless possession but to me they tell a story, or contain a small fragment of my life.

You may be wondering where I am going with all this. Well today, I placed something else in my box.


My Burger King badge.

Because today I received, a shiny, brand new Shift Manager Badge! Open-mouthed smile


I don’t know why, but receiving this badge just makes it all seem real for the first time. I got a promotion at work! I am ready for more responsibility. I am ready for more hard work. I am also willing to accept that with the increased responsibility comes a pay rise Winking smile

I’m in charge of my first shift at the end of September and I’m pretty sure that it will be the start of a completely new journey for me at work. I still remember when I got my first employee badge three years ago and the proud feeling I had.I know it sounds corny and I know its just Burger King, but despite moaning about it a lot, I am so glad that I have a job. Working in a fast food restaurant like I do, is a demanding job both physically and mentally. And I think that I deserve to feel proud of myself because not many people make the extra effort to get a promotion in their part time job, which in the long run of their career should only be a short-term action.


This badge contains 3 years of history. I think that means it deserves a special place in my box. Today marked the end of an era.


But more importantly, today marked the start.


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