The Night That I Made Dinner

Yes, you heard correctly! Winking smile


I cooked us dinner last night!

I used a recipe inspired by something that I found online: a Cheese and Broccoli Pasta Bake. My mum, of course supervised me in the kitchen because I’m a little bit inexperienced. But I really want to learn to start cooking! So I suppose the best place to learn is in the kitchen!





I followed the directions as much as possible but made some alterations here and there. Making the cream sauce was quite a job as it was difficult to keep it from going lumpy! I managed to nail it in the end with the aid of a little perseverance!

Thankfully it all paid off and the sauce was thick and creamy with minimal lumps – ready to combine in a dish with the pasta for the oven!


I seasoned one of the dishes with mixed herbs and left the other plain for my mum who doesn’t like the taste of them too much.



The dishes went in the oven to allow the pasta to golden and become crisp, which gave me some time to go and lay the table and prepare us some drinksDSCN4553

The finished product:


Served with potatoes, carrots and chicken wrapped in bacon. I made a tasty dinner!

Overall I really enjoyed being in the kitchen and making this dish. It was rewarding to watching all the ingredients come together and make a hearty dinner! I definitely want to get in the kitchen cooking more often!

Do you enjoy cooking?


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