From Nothing To A Three Course Meal

Yesterday was a dark old day again. It had to be like it on my day off from work too didn’t it?


I had planned on getting up and going for a run in the morning, but there was no chance that I was getting up and going out in that. I’m not at that sort of stage yet. Plus you need the right gear to run in the rain safely.

So, what is there to do on a rainy Friday morning?


Well you could just stay in bed. Or if you’re like me you could get up and turn your bedroom upside down and tidy your wardrobe. I keep so much stuff that I don’t use! Its very satisfying when you have a good clear up.






Much better Open-mouthed smile

I got some new storage boxes so I replace them with a big old chunky storage box I’ve kept for years. Moving that out left me with much more space at the top of my wardrobe. I moved some bits around so I could make some room to put away my summer basket, which I’ve been keeping at the top of my wardrobe. But seen as though I never use my summery basket once the summer ends, I’ve put it away in some draws under my bed.


I decided to replace my summer basket with my Marc Jacobs bag, filling it with little bits and bobs. I also stuck a Fossil bag to the bag wall of my wardrobe. Why throw them away when they can serve a purpose in my wardrobe?

Who else likes keeping paper bags from shops?

By the time I was finished the rain still hadn’t lifted and I was stuck for what to do. The postman came around lunchtime and delivered me a very appropriate parcel.



So cute! I saw it the other morning on eBay and knew I wanted to get it to match my other accessories. I have a crush on Cath Kidston stuff.


So, our evening was looking pretty bland because my Mum wasn’t feeling well enough to cook everyone a meal. She has a gum infection at the moment and is on antibiotics. A plate of empty food was on the menu for last night! I had to rack my brains for ideas on what to do for dinner. By chance, my Grandma then rung us, inviting us all to her house for dinner because she knew my mum wasn’t 100%. Dinner was sorted! Open-mouthed smile

We went from having no plans to having a dinner plan in 10 seconds. And if that wasn’t enough my grandma went all out and cooked us a three course meal!


We started with soup. My grandma served up this mushroom soup, which was absolutely gorgeous! Man, I love mushrooms! The soup was so creamy and delicious – everyone was very impressed with it, even Gary who isn’t a mushroom lover, really liked it!





Our main meal was a tasty meat pie, the green beans were home grown in my grandparents allotment!


We finished off with a plum crumble with custard! So tasty!



Gary and I were definitely so stuffed, but so satisfied after our lovely three course meal! I would have been grateful with some soup for dinner so a three course meal was more than welcome!


The sun finally came out yesterday evening, but by then it was too little too late!


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