Simple Family Times

When I woke up on Wednesday morning the first thing that I realised was that I could hear the sound of rain pattering on my window. Usually, I love the sound of rain while I’m in bed as I find it so relaxing. But Gary and I had plans to go to the beach with his brother Steve and his family, so I felt really disappointed that the weather had let us down.


Initially I assumed the bad weather would mean our trip would be cancelled altogether. However Steve and Caroline were still 100% up for going, so the plans still went ahead! I pulled a hoody on and began to look forward to our day out again, it was only a bit of grey sky after all!



We took a leisurely drive down to the coast where I was a front-seat passenger once again. By front-seat passenger I mean an annoying fidget bum who can’t sit patiently for one car journey without getting bored. Have you noticed how lots of pictures of our car journeys have been cropping up on the blog? Not cool. But what can I say? I need amusing.

I still like to play ‘who can spot the sea first?’ just like I did when I was 5 years old. Hah. Open-mouthed smile



We arrived a little bit early and were the first ones there, however when we parked up we realised that neither of us had any change for the car park! So Gary had to nip to Costa to buy me a cappuccino so we had some change to park, cor, how inconvenient is that? Winking smile

We waited around for a bit, happily taking in our surroundings.






Well, I say ‘happily’ … not all of us were as happy to be up so bright and early! Say hello to Mr Gazza Grumpy Chops aka I don’t do early starts.


This picture cracks me up!! What a moody teenager I have to deal with sometimes. Sheesh. Smile with tongue out


I was pleased when I saw some very enthusiastic little people show their faces at the beach! Say hi to Owen and Amie Smile 





They were too busy playing to stop and say Hi for pictures!

The kiddies were loving the seaside, playing innocently with buckets and spades or paddling in and out of the waves. Thankfully the weather had settled and it was just grey by this point (no rain) so everyone managed to have a really lovely time! It was so quiet and peaceful! It seemed like nobody wanted to go to the coast on a grey morning, unlike us. It was so relaxing. We played with the children a little bit, searching through all the pebbles for any nice ones and the brothers fooled around Smile with tongue out. Simple family times!








Owen dropped his bucket in the water and the tide took it out so we couldn’t get it back for him, which produced a few little tears from him, bless. So we took a wander round the high street to get him a new one. I love looking round the sea-side boutiques at Whitstable – they have all sorts of cute little gems stashed away. Lovely. We also stared longingly into the window of the bakers. Everything looked so edible and delicious! I resisted temptation as I knew I would soon be having fish and chips!



As I’m sure you can imagine, they were queuing outside the door to get their hands on some of this stuff! Yum yum!

The look and smell of the bakers made all of our tummies grumble so we headed for the harbour to grab a bite to eat. We had a look around the fish market before buying our lunch.







I ordered cod and chips, but when it arrived I was completely over-whelmed, it was huge! Surprised smile


Compare to the size of Gary’s lunch! I think we should have swapped.


DSCN4482 - Copy

We ate outside as the temperature was warm enough!


Sadly I had to cut our family time short as I had work at 3 that afternoon Sad smile It would have been nice to spend a bit longer together, next time!


I had a really lovely time at the beach, and it just goes to show that you can have a nice time in the summer, rain or shine!  Well this is England after all, the majority of the time the sun isn’t out. And I figured that I should probably start psyching myself up for autumn soon anyways.

The summer has absolutely whizzed by! Wait, scrap that. The year has absolutely whizzed by! I’m stunned that we’re in September next week. Madness.


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