‘Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world’

The Shoe Debate.


The Boyfriend:You’re getting more shoes?”
Me: “Yes?”
The Boyfriend: “But you don’t need anymore shoes!”

I’m sure we could repeat this discussion a million times over and my poor, bewildered boyfriend would still never understand the way a pair of shoes make a girl feel.

But it isn’t just a pair of shoes. Its so much more than just a pair of shoes!

A pair of shoes are a statement. Shoes reflect your personality, the mood you’re in. For example, flat ballet styled pumps reflect a girly mood, ugg boots reflect a casual mood, peep-toe shoes reflect a liberated mood, heels reflect a confident mood, and so on.



Sometimes, all it takes is those extra few inches of height. You gracefully slip your feet inside a pair of shoes, glance in the mirror at your appearance and feel an overwhelming sense that you are beautiful. A pair of shoes really can determine the way you feel about yourself. Whether its the way a pair of shoes elongate the way your legs look. The way a pair of shoes alter your posture so that your body looks long and tall. Or if its just the way a pair of shoes can make you beam from ear to ear – shoes help us feel good about ourselves!


In a world, where there is so much negative self talk and a distorted view on body image, I don’t see anything wrong in a little self-loving. After all, what’s wrong about feeling good about yourself? Its perfectly natural and acceptable to want to embrace our bodies.

I think that society has taught us to scold ourselves for thinking we look good. This is completely damaging to our own self-confidence, as if its not difficult enough to be happy in your own body!

If you don’t think you’re beautiful, how can you expect anyone else to think it? I believe that beauty comes from within, but sometimes it takes a little bit of help from the outside to actually make it shine out of you. For me, that help from the outside usually comes from a pair of shoes.

‘Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.’

I think that there is an element of truth behind this quote. I think the ‘world’ it refers to isn’t exactly the world as a whole but rather, the world as each and every individual sees it. After all, the world means different things to everyone. You can conquer anything if you really put your mind to it!


Now, back to the shoe debate that my boyfriend and I often have. I’ve decided that its completely helpless to even contemplate explaining this to my boyfriend. However understanding and kind he is, I just don’t expect a man to understand why a girl needs shoes!

Ok if we’re going to be all technical about it, yes I don’t need all these shoes. But its not about needing its about wanting. I want shoes because I think they are beautiful and I want shoes because I love the way they make me feel.

I think I may have just found the answer to our debate in a nutshell there Open-mouthed smile

What help do you need from the outside to make you feel beautiful on the inside? Is it shoes like me? Or maybe makeup? Wow makeup is a completely new debate in itself too. Not going into that one, or at least not in this post.


I’ve been working a bit the past week so I’m a bit out of touch with blogging for the moment. I hope to catch up soon! But if you can’t tell already I went shopping at the beginning of the week and yes, I got another pair of Westwood heels.


It felt amazing! Not only do I love shoes but I also love love love to buy them! I felt so proud to take my Vivienne Westwood box up to the till and be able to buy myself a pair of shoes. I am incredibly lucky to have a job I swear. How many girls can say that they’ve bought themselves a pair of Vivienne Westwood shoes and a pair of Chanel sunglasses, in ONE summer!? Well, I work hard and I spend hard baby! Open-mouthed smile


To end the post, I also think I may have a little bit of a Costa addiction – I’ve had one every single day for the past week! (Well I do get a meal card from work where I can get drinks from Costa which is a big bonus) But I’ve also been buying loads of them too! I love that there are loads of Costas near where I love now Open-mouthed smile


Large iced vanilla latte to quench my thirst mid-shop! It didn’t even hit the sides I’m telling you


OK shutting up in approximately 1 minute. Got to go and get ready for work! I’m in a surprisingly good mood considering I have work in under an hour. All this shopping, its good for me I swear.


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