Starting Again

Recently, I have come to realise that I am going to have to start from the beginning in getting fit again.
The reason for this is because gradually, over the course of the year the amount I have exercised on a whole has declined. At first it was declining slowly as I cut out say one workout a week. But it seems that life got in the way and I kept on cutting more and more exercise out of my life until I was left with no exercise!

Reducing exercise in my life has resulted in: a small weight gain and my fitness and morale increasingly suffering.


Why did I stop exercising?
The Short Answer.
I injured my knee badly, in April, and I couldn’t run on it anymore. I had to find other forms of exercise, but really, my injury stole my drive and motivation to exercise because running was the thing I loved.

The Long Answer.
Being unable to run was extremely frustrating for me. I was just beginning to get good at running – as I was able to run 3.0 miles on the treadmill which was very satisfying for me. I loved the challenge of increasing my mileage on the treadmill and I saw it as a positive sign that I was getting better and better. So then, to be injured and completely out of action I knew would sabotage all of my hard work and efforts in the long run.

I was right of course, months down the line I can hardly do a lap around the park without feeling defeat. But really, running was the thing I loved and I quickly resented the options I was left with. I was doing a lot of cardio on the Bikes and Cross-trainers at the gym, but what I really wanted was to run. I pushed myself too hard on the machines because I still wanted to see results from my workouts. But actually the result I achieved was furthering my already injured knee and prolonging the duration of being unable to run. It became a vicious circle and in the end I eventually gave up pretty much altogether.

In hindsight, stopping exercising altogether has been bad and good for me. It was bad because I know its damaged my motivation a lot so it will be harder to get back into the swing of things. Also its made me put on a bit of weight which has made me feel a bit self conscious of my body – and I really don’t want to get back into that way of thinking again – I want to be happy and confident. However, stopping also turned out to be a good thing because I finally think my knee has recovered! Meaning I can start over again! Open-mouthed smile


So I’ve been trying to work out where to go from here. And the most logical option was to start from the beginning again. I want to do it properly this time. To do this I figured that I will need a plan and a goal.

The Plan:
I want to begin somewhere logical so when I’m evaluating how I’m doing I can refer to a certain point, and seen as though we’re at the end of a month I thought I should just wait until the beginning of September until I start properly. In the mean time I am slowly trying to build myself up to September by moderately exercising and trying to motivate myself once more. So in September I plan on exercising 5 times a week again, with 2 rest days. I want to include 2 days of running, at least one day of strength training and also plenty of walking.

The Goal:
My aim is to start building my strength and stamina up slowly but surely so I feel fitter, and hopefully get some positive results. Although I want to focus on running I also think I should take a bit of a macro approach on it so I can try and look at the whole picture. Lastly, I think its good to have something to work towards and I have a special day highlighted in my diary in October which I want to look and feel fabulous for.

Sorry for such a long post full of text! Expect some weekly reviews starting in September: more pictures next time I promise.


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