Movie Night


Yesterday, Gary and I went to watch The Inbetweeners Movie Open-mouthed smile


Going to the movies is a rare event in our relationship! Gary’s interest in films is very limited, whereas I love the cinema and films. So whenever we do go to the cinema its always quite a special trip, and especially yesterday. We loved it!

I was worried that my expectations of the film were too high and that it wouldn’t live up to them. But I think it exceeded my expectations. I give it 10/10.  Open-mouthed smile So good!


Buzzing in the car on our journey there!




Oooh car friend!


Gary soon got fed up of me taking pictures of him driving Smile with tongue out


A few drops of rain weren’t enough to ruin our excitement though!

Thankfully Gary pre-booked our tickets on the phone during the week as we knew it would be busy – the screen was practically full up!

We stocked up on munchies before we went in. I semi regretted our last minute decision to snack on cinema food because it was SO expensive: a large Pepsi Max, big bag of crisps and pick and mix sweets came to just under £10. Ouch.


However, the Pick and Mix bag was particularly scrummy and I devoured most of the bag. (I gave Gary all the green and yellow fruit pastilles because I’m a baby I don’t like them.) Oh my goodness me the Tooty Frooties were just calling my name out. I was in such a mood for sweets yesterday. 

I thought I would allow for some treats as I have been away all week, plus I got up super early in the morning to do a lap round the park! I’m definitely getting back on track with keeping fit again. Loving it.

I really enjoyed our movie night! I think that we should make an effort to go to the cinema more often – its fun Open-mouthed smile 

What have you seen at the cinema recently? – x



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