Girl Growing Up: Part II

I did it!


I went. I worked. I passed. I came home! Simples.

If you missed Part I, I’ve been away since Tuesday on a basic management course for work. Part of me questioned whether I would be able to stay away by myself for 4 days but I did it! All going to plan, this means I should be running shifts at work by September. Exciting stuff.


However my weeks been far from thrills and excitement. It actually started on a bit of a downer Monday and Tuesday. Monday I was super stressing out about going away from home, which I had nothing to worry about in hindsight.  And Tuesday morning began like this:


We set out on our journey and hit this traffic almost immediately, sitting at a stand still for over an hour. People were switching their engines off because we literally were going nowhere!


The cars seemed to go on for miles, both in front of us and behind us. It was not an optimistic start to my week of training and at one point I actually thought “that’s it I’m going to miss it!” But by some miracle I arrived at Burger King head office with minutes to spare! I passed the initial test and was given a ‘Visitor ‘ sticker to slap on me for the day.


I wont go into details about the course itself because its fairly boring, but luckily the trainer was motivating and interactive which made the week bearable for me. Each day started at 8.30am and lasted till about 3pm with an hour for lunch. In the lunch hours and after training I would head to the high street for some food and mooch around the mediocre shops.

There was a small shopping centre with all of your high street shops but I found them all quite limited. But it was enough to occupy my mind with for the duration of the week. I wasn’t exactly out for a shopping spree so I didn’t mind the so-so shops.

The course has made me appreciate how lucky I am that I have so many options for great shopping around me at home  (I’m sure this was not a learning objective of the course but I thought I’d say it anyway.)Smile with tongue out

The hotel was fairly nice too, considering my company was paying for the expenses. The facilities were comfortable: double bed, sofa, desk, television, tea and coffee making facilities and an adequately sized bathroom.




The only thing I didn’t like too much with the hotel was that it was located on top of a busy railway station so it made it quite noisy till late in the evening and started early in the morning. It wasn’t unbearable though.



I didn’t mind the daytimes because I was busy hopping from place to place. But the evenings seemed to last for ever, and there wasn’t very much to do. Mostly I occupied my evenings with magazines and reading.


In a weird way it was actually quite nice to have some time by myself to reflect and do stuff I wouldn’t normally get a chance to do. Like, I hardly ever read magazines anymore (mainly because I think they’re full of poor journalism) but I do enjoy looking through magazines to look at the pictures of clothes, makeup and hair. Although lately I have made a vow to myself to set time aside in the evenings to read, I still get the odd night where I’m pooped and just want to go to bed. But I got plenty of reading done while I was away!

And also I had plenty of beauty sleep! The lights were out by 10pm each night Winking smile 

No surprise I’m feeling quite refreshed today then. Although I’ll always be happy to return to my own bed after being parted from it!

Pink room (10)

Ah. Its good to be back!


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