I Have A Confession To Make

Actually I have two confessions to make:

Confession #1: I’m scared of spiders.
Confession #2: I’m addicted to Retail Therapy.


I’m going to start with Confession #2 just to be awkward.

I have been working a lot. And its been making me a bit of a cranky bitch. I like the fact I have a job and I’m earning money. But I really like having my own time to do things I like.

Last week I went into over time! See that payslip there, 35.5 hours! It sounds nasty. I don’t think I’ve ever worked so much! And I’m not used to having so little time to do the things I want. It sounds a bit naive but whatever.

I like to think I’m good with my money. As I know how to get an equal balance of saving and spending! As soon as I get paid, which is weekly, every Friday, I move a large chunk of it over to my savings account straight away so its out the way and I can’t spend it. I leave enough money for essentials like petrol and a little bit of money for treats.

I’m the kind of girl who thinks its healthy to reward your hard efforts. I like to reward myself at the shops, obviously.


I did some Retail Therapy obviously. My mum had some work to do in Canterbury and I really love the shops there so she dropped me off for a bit. So off I went, happy as larry by myself looking round the shops in  Canterbury. Sometimes shopping by yourself is so nice! It was nice and relaxing!


First stop was Fenwick. Love it in there! It smells so pretty when you walk in and I just end up aimlessly looking round at everything because its so easy on the eye. I had to avoid the Dior makeup section though as I seem to have a bit of a soft spot for Dior right now, which hurts my purse a little bit. I also definitely have a soft spot for Cath Kidston right now. I think I must be going through some girlish stage or something because its too pretty – I have a crush on it all!


I bought a little makeup bag for my work bag, so I can chuck all of my bits in there rather than the handbag itself


Anyone else have about 10 Vaseline tins by the way?


And this tickled my fancy too. Question. Does anybody else keep nice smelling soaps stuffed away in draws to make your stuff smell nice? I have a soap in like every draw possible. Maybe I’m just weird.


I also saw these really cute manicure bits which were quirky and fairly cheap so I got  a matching scissors and file for my main makeup bag and one for my nail varnish box.


And this. New hairbrushes are so luxurious, it feels like its giving me a head massage whenever I brush my hair now.

The small things in life really do make me happy I swear Winking smile

Okay onto Confession #2 now.

Last night Gary and I babysat his niece and nephew. But apparently, we were the ones who needed babysitting in the end. Half way through the evening a huge spider with a big body and long legs shot across the living room underneath the sofa opposite us. Gary tried to be helpful and look for it but we couldn’t see it. I was on the edge of my seat all night. I couldn’t relax knowing it was so close to us.

I’m not even exaggerating. It was a big bastard. And it moved like lightening. I was soooo creeped out.

Prior to the spider incident our evening was going nice and smoothly.


Owen was awake for the start of the evening, and was behaving really well. He quietly played and watched a film on the TV. We ordered an Indian take away and just before it was due to arrive we fed Owen a small bowl of strawberries so he could sit up with us while we ate.


Lots of options! I went for a prawn curry in the end with a side dish of mushrooms and rice. Random but totally tasty.



Yeah. I overdosed on mushrooms last night. So. Good.

Maybe I ought to add a third confession actually?

Confession #3: I Love Veggies too much.

All of our greediness must have been so boring for this poor little guy.


Before we knew it he was crashed out on the sofa. What a good boy Open-mouthed smile 

At least we were successful in babysitting last night!


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