Girl Growing Up


Next week I am going away on a course for work. I am doing a course in Basic Management Training, which lasts from Tuesday to Friday and I have to pass two tests which will entitle me to return to work as a shift manager. At the moment I’m just a general assistant at Burger King.

All of this is fine apart from the staying away from home part. I haven’t ever been away from home by myself and the thought of it scares me a little bit! I know it sounds silly to say that but its intimidating knowing that I’m going somewhere I’ve never been before with people I don’t know!

Obviously I’ve been working loads to prepare myself and I’ve been shown the basics of how to run a shift at work. Its completely different to being a general assistant out on the front counter serving all the time. There is quite a lot of paper work to complete, including checking dates, taking temperatures, counting the safe and so on.

But the course I’m taking is more focused on how you manage people which is what I need to learn. The tests you have to sit are there to make sure that you have the basic knowledge in place. I’ve been reading lots of appropriate paperwork and I feel quite confident with what I know.

It often feels like I spend my whole life being tested. Tests of knowledge: GCSE’s, A Levels, first year of a degree – not to mention copious amounts of coursework assessments too. Tests of capability: practical Driving Tests. And all of those other tests that life throws at you: like when you’re juggling a busy lifestyle, the pressures keep on mounting and you feel like you’re never going to see light at the end of the tunnel.


I’m not trying to sound melodramatic or anything but honestly life can feel like a whopping great test sometimes Thinking smile  

But the only thing about tests is that mostly I come out a better and stronger person because of them. Tests teach me things about myself, they remind me that I am a fighter and a hard worker, which is all I am going to strive to be in my life. What more can I give than my best?


I’m still going to be a part time employee even as a shift manager. Tomorrow I’ve been working for 3 years! Crazy! I feel a great sense of achievement knowing that a) I was lucky enough to get a job and b) that I’ve worked my butt of since the tender age of sixteen!


Having a job has given me so many opportunities, even as a part-timer – I’ve bought a car, learned to drive, and best of all maintained a lifestyle that makes me happy.

So I know just how important it is that I have try my hardest to get a long term job in the future, not so far away. I want all of what I already have and more – a house, cars, and one day enough to provide for a family of my own.

I’m going for a promotion at work, not for the money (which is only a tiny 41p anyway) but to show people that I am a person who is willing to go that bit further. I hope I am successful next week because I know I can do it.

If this what it takes, then so be it, let’s see what I can do!


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