The Simplest Moments Can Mean So Much

One of the greatest comforts in my life is knowing that I can rely on Gary. Today was a perfect example of this.


I got home from work and I was feeling a little tense. I tried to hold a smile on my face, but Gary could totally see through it. I said that I was okay and I knew that he wasn’t having it.

We went jogging round the park together anyway and I rapidly felt so much better. Exercise works wonders both physically and emotionally! We finished the jog and I felt like all of the tension from my body had been lifted.

Gary speedily finished way before me and was sitting on the floor by the time that I’d finished. I sat on his knees and he pulled me towards him and we collapsed in a heap on the grass. Its in a moment like that where I couldn’t feel more in love with him. I was looking directly up at a piercing blue sky, could feel the warmth from his body spreading over mine and took a deep, content, breath in, inhaling a mixture of grass and a distinct boyish aroma. We lay side by side in that collapsed position briefly, savouring the moment.

I’m sure that if he read this he’d say I’m daft. What can I say? I can’t help it! Open-mouthed smile


Today was the second day in a row where I went to the park jogging – and despite feeling a little unfit, I loved every moment of it. I loved running in the fresh air with the cool breeze waving against my skin and taking in all of the natural smells of the great outdoors. I carried my new sports bottle with me yesterday and today, which is so comfortable as you just slide your hand through it.


I hope my knee is going to be strong enough to let me continue running because, emotionally, I’m so ready to get back into the running game! I must seriously love running because I’m enjoying it and I’m not even any good at it at the moment. Usually when I’m not any good at something I hate it with a passion! I can’t believe just in April I was fit enough to run 3 miles, and now I can hardly run round the park without getting a stitch.

My little jogs have probably been the most eventful part of my days, work feels like its taking over me! I still have 3 days of it Sad smile boo!

You know you’re working too much when the highlight of your day is taking a hot shower and painting your toe-nails bubble gum pink..


 Winking smile … oh and eating this for dessert:


Try this now! Strawberries with a handful of coco-pops! Healthy but very satisfying dessert YUM.

2/5 days at work done. Only three more to go. The weekend is going to be sweeeeet!


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