Sunday Shopping Spree

I spent my Sunday doing something a little bit different today. Gary and I went shopping, well shopping isn’t too out of the blue, but doing it on a Sunday is very rare. I don’t go shopping at the weekends, probably because I’m too impatient to wait till the end of a week. However, with so many hours at work at the moment the weekend was the only time I could fit in a shopping trip! It was go today, or wait till the end of the month. Today definitely seemed like the better option. Smile

It all started when I received an email from Fossil during the week, to tell me that a bag I’d ordered wasn’t in stock.


I was kind of peed off because not only was I not getting the handbag I liked, but the company hadn’t even got my gender right in the email! I was addressed as “Mr” in the email. Right from that moment I knew I had to go shopping to buy a bag. Its actually a fairly legitimate shop this time because I need a new handbag as my old one is shot to bits and filthy where its so well used:


I know it wasn’t the end of the world having a tatty bag, but I just had a bee in my bonnet and knew I wanted to get a new handbag ASAP. And I saw this black leather satchel styled bag from Fossil which I thought was lovely, so ordered it online. I thought I was killing two birds with one stone – I got a bag like I wanted and didn’t even have to make a shopping trip especially to get it. I should have known life wasn’t that simple!

Oh well! I had a good time shopping today so that’s all that matters. We left an hour before Bluewater opened because we heard it can get very busy on a Sunday. So we arrived a little while before all of the shops opened but I’d rather be early than queuing to get in! To kill some time I got an iced vanilla latte from Costa. It was very tasty.

I bought us lunch in the food court today, which also made a change because we don’t usually stop for food when we go shopping. All I want to do is shop, not eat, when I’m out shopping! But stopping for some food was actually really nice today as it was a good break midway. To be healthy I had a baguette from Eat, I really fancied the kids tuna and cucumber baguette as it was only £1.50 so I got it twice for £3 which worked out cheaper than most of their sandwiches Winking smile

Gary wasn’t so healthy and had this pizza meal deal thing, which I thought was actually very reasonable, he got a large slice of pizza, chips and a drink. We were both satisfied with out eats!


Guess what I came home with:


A chocolate brown handbag Open-mouthed smile I’m very happy with it!


Obviously it wasn’t the black bag that I originally saw, as its out of stock, but I’m still more than  happy with this bag. I knew that I didn’t want a tan colour bag as I always seem to buy that colour. I also wanted a bag to go with all of my big winter coats and chocolate brown will match everything well!


New treats from over the weekend!


I also got a little bit frisky with some Dior blush. Its so beautiful. Dior is so special.


Love new makeup – especially when its this pretty. Even the blush brush has immaculate detail!

Our family friend, John, who went on holiday bought us back a perfume each. He bought my Mum Calvin Klein Beauty and me the new Jimmy Choo fragrance:


I’m not going to lie, I’m a little bit obsessed with perfume. My dressing table hosts my favourites: Marc Jacobs (Lola and Daisy) and Viktor & Rolf (Flowerbomb) and now Jimmy Choo will join my dressing table among my favourites. Open-mouthed smile

It has a very rich scent, gorgeous! I think a perfume can really highlight the mood you’re in, when I’m feeling girly or relaxed I wear my lighter perfumes like Marc Jacobs or when I’m feeling bold and glamorous I wear something heavier. I’d say that the Jimmy Choo is for those ‘bold and glamorous’ moods!

When we got home from shopping we went to the pub for a quiet drink by ourselves. That was nice Smile .. until Gary found out the kick off was earlier than expected so I was pressured into finishing my diet coke quickly to get home for the game Winking smile. And this is only the start of the football season! Oh the joys.

Something delicious just came out of the oven:


Oh roast dinner, how I’ve missed you!

I’ve made the most of my day off. I now have a 35 hour week at work approaching. How am I going to stay sane working 5 days straight? Not cut out for this week…


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