Eight Out Of Twelve

I may be a bit slow in catching on and this comment probably would have been more appropriate on Monday at the start of the month, but can I just say we’re on the eighth month of the year! Honestly, this year has gone insanely fast. Only four more left!

So, this is how the first week of August has looked for me..

Monday: day off.


On Monday I had the day off from work,  and I went to see Gary’s nephew for his fourth birthday. It was a lovely summery day which made my day off very pleasant for me Smile

Wednesday: day off.


I enjoyed another day off on Wednesday. The weather was humid and muggy which made me a bit useless. I wasn’t a complete waste of space though – I managed to drag my butt out of bed and to the gym in the morning. I braved the treadmill and eased my way in with some gentle jogging at 5.0mph and gradually 5.5mph and I felt great. Obviously, I’m completely out of condition after being unable to run since April. I didn’t feel my strongest and obviously I was going at quite a slow pace – but to me this was brilliant. I was so happy that I was actually on the treadmill, hopefully making some gradual steps towards running again. All I want is to see small signs of improvement for now.

I’ve missed the way that running makes me feel: where I can feel my heart drumming in my chest, my whole body heating up and although I’m covered in sweat and on the outside I appear at my worst, on the inside I feel alive.


I spent most of the afternoon and evening chilling in the garden.


.. And playing about with my mum’s iPhone Winking smile


Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: work.

I’ve been on the early shift all week. I’ve been working more hours recently as lots of things have been have been going on which I haven’t gone into details about on here yet. I mentioned that I’ve applied for a different position at my current job, and I had an interview for that last Sunday which went really well.
Basically I’m applying to be a shift manager, a job which entitles you to run a shift. I’ve applied for various different reasons, the main reason being that I think its a good opportunity for me to get some beneficial skills – the more that you have to write about on a CV to make you stand out the better hopefully. Also it makes a change from doing the same mundane jobs.
I go on the training course in a few weeks time. I don’t have all the exact details yet but I know that you have to stay away from Tuesday to Friday. I also know that I’m going alone as the company aren’t sending anyone else this month. Its quite scary knowing I’m going on a course somewhere all by myself. But I’ve done harder things than this. I can do it. I’m praying my hotel has free wi-fi though so I can take my laptop! More details to follow on this in the upcoming weeks.


Thursday was my mum and dad’s anniversary, they’ve been married for 27 years! We all had work during the day but we went out for a meal at The Rose Inn during the evening to celebrate.


I wore my new Topshop dress that I love. I think its really classy with the shirt/dress thing going on, yet its still got a casual touch to it with the belt around the middle. Love it! I think I may wear it casually now I’ve worn it.


At the pub, we had to wait a long while for our food (about an hour) which when you’re as hungry as I am, isn’t too fun. But to be fair the food is all freshly cooked and prepared so its absolutely worth the wait. The pub was busy and clearly everyone behind the scenes were working very well. I ordered tagliatelle pasta with chestnut mushrooms, peppers and spinach. The dish was very tasty indeed, I loved the combination of ingredients. The only thing I would say is that I regretted ordering such a fiddly food to eat when I was so starving – I kept slopping it over my fork where I was so eager to get it down me!

DSCN3931 The light wasn’t very good, hence the poor quality picture.


My Mum’s duck meal.

And of course, my favourite, ice creams for dessert! I had two scoops of caramel honeycomb and one scoop of Swiss chocolate.



The boyfriend shooting my evils over the table for taking his pic Winking smile

Friday, after work, my cousin came over with her baby Harvey and my aunt. We all sat in the garden and marvelled at how Harvey is such an adorable baby. He barely cries and he’s very content and happy.





Harvey looked at Lulu, played with his toys and I blew some bubbles for him. It was very sweet Open-mouthed smile

I have Sunday off and I’m going shopping with the boyfriend. Can’t. Wait.


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