New Friends And The Number Four


Meet Pretty-Boy! We’re looking after my grandparents canary while they’re away on holiday. He is a little bit scruffy but he’s extremely well loved and looked after by my grandparents. He has a very funny character and he’s not at all timid. He’s been singing his heart out since he arrived at our household yesterday. He competes with everything from the kettle boiling to the television to the dustbin men coming this morning! Never a quiet moment with this one.


I’m still struggling quite a bit with motivation at the moment and I haven’t really been making a lot of effort with my workouts for the past month. However I haven’t completely slacked off – mum and I have been doing some evening walks together for about 30 minutes so that is better than nothing I suppose.

I am better motivated when I have a sort of structure or routine to my life, which at the moment I do not have as its summer and all my shifts at work are all over the place etc. As soon as I have a routine firmly in place I know that my motivation will fall into place. As long as I do a bit of moderate exercise from walking I shouldn’t have to worry.

Since I don’t have a lot to fill in on exercise wise, I thought I’d share some of my recent purchases. Makeup purchases Open-mouthed smile

Firstly, I ordered this online the other week and I love it:


A gorgeous set of makeup brushes Open-mouthed smile  I especially like it because its the matching style of my larger makeup bag with all of my goods in! I love it when things match. Another good thing about the set of makeup brushes is that the material is wipeable so it should stay clean without a problem.



Some nail polish.. to add to my growing collection…


Yay nail varnish!

Okay I have a bit of a pet peeve at the moment, I absolutely detest sticky labels on products. Have it price labels, or for security reasons sticky things on goods you buy are a nuisance! Look at the mess it caused to remove a load of unnecessary tape on some blush I got today:

DSCN3748 DSCN3749

It ruins things! I was really fuming when I got home and saw the job I had to do getting all the dirty marks the sticky tape caused on my makeup. It took about quarter of an hour and three wet wipes and it still wasn’t 100% perfect. Am I alone in my hate for labels/tape?


How I managed to get the blush in the end. Not too bad considering the state it was in.


Plus an eye shadow pallet with some neutral colours.

I didn’t waste any time trying my new nail polish. So summery! Red heart


Today was also a special day because it was Owen’s fourth birthday! I wrapped up his birthday present from Gary and I, a pretend microwave, and walked down to Steve and Caroline’s to visit the birthday boy Smile. Gary had work till 4 so he came afterwards.


The birthday boy with some birthday cake! I had a small slice and it was very yummy and chocolaty.


Then the kids had lots of fun on the trampoline.



Woops did I say kids? The kids and the big kids had fun on the trampoline Winking smile

I had a lovely relaxing day off work today, heading to bed soon to do some reading before having an early night!


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