Is It Summer?

I’m starting to question the standard of summer we are actually going to get this year. I look outside and see grey, overcast skies. And then when I go outside the temperature is far from warm.


I am a summer-loving girl without a doubt. But right now I’m not loving the summer I’m seeing! I hope that it can turn itself round!

However, this summer, or absence of a good summer should I say, has got me thinking of the main reasons why I love the season so much. And the best reason I could think of, is that it is usually the time of year where I am most likely to be more relaxed and therefore less stressed out.

Of course, you have responsibilities and jobs to fulfil all year round so its not like you get away from the stresses of life in the summer. It would be naive to think you do. But, with lighter and longer days things seem easier in the summer and sometimes just having the sun out makes things seem better.

One thought lead to another and then I got to thinking about the way that I handle stress. I tend to let things get on top of me. I also let my emotions take over me a bit too much. I am so emotional sometimes!

I know that I don’t want to spend my life letting things get on top of me so I have decided to take action and relax a bit more!



Key Things To Help Me Relax:
Think about things that make me happy.
Take a bit of time aside out of the day to do something I find relaxing.
Go to bed earlier.

Things that make me happy **** Smile


So I’m heading to bed an extra half an hour earlier to sit and read my new book, as I find reading very enjoyable and a good way to wind down especially at the end of the day. Lets see if this works…


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