Spain 2011: Food and Drinks.

This is the final post I’m writing about my holiday to Spain.
If you missed the other posts you can get them here:
The hotel and resort.
What we did during the daytime.
What we did in the evenings.

So my final post, as you can see is all about the food and drink we had in Spain.

The Food.


I will begin by talking about the hotel’s food as this was our main source of food during the holiday. Our package included breakfast and dinner. To make a general comment, I would say that the food at the hotel is definitely of a fine standard. Both breakfast and dinner offers buffet styled service and there was plenty of food to offer.


For breakfast, I chose croissants on most mornings, sometimes with a side of fruit and yogurt or just a croissant with jam or butter. One morning I had egg on toast with some scrambled egg but the egg wasn’t runny which was a bit of a bummer and then I found the bread really dry so I was a bit put off by this and decided to stick with croissants for the remainder of the holiday. On saying that though, the scrambled egg was delicious – I heart scrambled egg!

Surprisingly I didn’t actually take any pictures of our main courses! Which in hindsight I’m regretting – but never mind! I found the main meals a little up and down. Let me explain. The ups were that the buffet offered some delicious selections of fish on their salad/cold food section. They had anchovies, king prawns, muscle, tuna, mackerel and so on. I love fish so this wasn’t a problem for me. I definitely ate plenty of fish while I was away.

However, the downside in my opinion was that although the food was delicious and there was a lot on offer, night after night the options didn’t seem to vary very much. So it felt like you were eating the same meal repetitively. I found this especially with the hot food section – every night there were chips, chips and more chips. By the end of the holiday I was sick of the sight of fish and chips.

What is stupid though, is that you couldn’t really complain about the food at the hotel because the standard of food that they offered was lovely it just became repetitive. Spending a week eating repetitive food is just about alright, but it could become a problem if you were visiting for longer.

Boy I missed my Mum’s cooking after a week! Variety in food = love.


Strawberry and chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce from the buffet – the ice cream was very tasty and was apparently sugar free! 10/10.

We also had plenty of other ice creams and lollies to cool down during the day. Below: Carte D’or Caramel icecream – oh my goodness it was delicious – so creamy and thick! YUM.


Refreshing ice lollies Open-mouthed smile I’ve always loved Calippo’s ever since I was a baby. I used to call them ‘push up lollies’ for obvious reasons Winking smile. I always used to buy orange ones but they only seem to sell, lime, strawberry or cola flavours – which are all good but I love orange flavour foods!





We had lots of cafe stops, and a couple of times I had indulgent cappuccinos with a generous helping of cream on top! Very naughty but tasty!

Mum and dad had loads of cappuccinos over the course of the holiday Winking smile when I didn’t go for a cappuccino I went for diet coke.DSCN2878DSCN3500

Cream is all over top notch – its delicious and makes food/drink pretty to look at too!


Drink Prices.


I thought that it would be worth mentioning that the prices of drinks were pretty steep! And I’m not even necessarily meaning alcoholic drinks either. Diet cokes and other fizzy beverages were 3€. But I mean look at the size of them, they’re only tiny (200ml I think) and in hot temperatures a drink that small goes nowhere once you guzzle it down you!


Cocktails were 7€ which is again quite pricey! I only had two the whole holiday, a Cosmopolitan and Sex On The Beach and they were both really nice. Last year the drinks were expensive too and I remember paying about 6€ for a cosmopolitan but it was tiny compared to the one I got this year, even if the cup was packed with ice!


Staying at the hotels bar was usually the best option for keeping the costs down, because of the happy hour! It was good for getting soft drinks as you got one free so it was obviously the cheapest way of doing things if you did want to keep costs down.




Here’s to the next holiday!


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