Holiday Blues

Being back home after a holiday never feels easy for me. I do love home though. Home is absolutely where my heart is. But… I think I just like getting away from it all. The sunshine. The clothes. The treats. Lets just call it holiday blues, yes?


So, what have I been up to since I got back and returned to so called ‘normal life?’
Well I’ve been unpacking and helping get the house back into some order.


Uploading  pictures onto Facebook.


I worked all weekend.


But I actually had the nicest Friday and Saturday considering I have holiday blues and was working the duration of the weekend!
Gary was round. We went to the gym but it was tough work and we didn’t stay very long at all. Then when we were back, we had some lunch, took a shower and then crashed out and had a wonderful nap together.

Pink room (10)

It was seriously amazing! I cannot explain how much I love days where we are together and we are completely, blissfully happy for no apparent reason. True love, is laying in his arms without any makeup on but smiling so hard that you feel like you’re the most beautiful person in his world. If only I was this carefree all the time *sighs*

On Sunday before work Mum and I walked to my grandma and grandpa’s allotment that they recently (I say recently, but I mean, within this year) began. My grandpa was busily working away. Its helping him lose weight and stay active!


The allotment was much bigger than I imagined it would be! What a job to take on at their age! Sheesh. I’m starting to see where my Mum gets her ‘Get Up and Get Working’ attitude from! Winking smile

And speaking of work, I’ve also been preparing for a job interview I have on Friday. I’ve applied to become a supervisor at my current job. I have an interview with the general manager, which I’m a bit nervous about. An opportunity came up and I thought that I should just go for it. We’ll see what happens.


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