Spain 2011: The Resort And Hotel.

While we were away on holiday we stayed in Fuengirola at the Hotel Angela. Overall I thought that the hotel was lovely. It was clean and had some elegant touches to it. The hotel also had a lot on offer, with an entertainment room, library, snack bar, and table tennis. All of which we didn’t even get to take advantage of, but its nice to have the option there right?




The hotel’s pool was reasonably sized, well kept and offered plenty of sunbeds, tables and chairs for guests.DSCN2862

The position of the hotel is ideal, being located directly in front of the beach. All we had to do was cross the road and we were at the beach. It was really as easy as it sounds. Because we were so close to the sea, we paid a little bit extra for a room with a sea view. It was worth the extra money as we had such a nice view of everything.

On our first morning I awoke to the lovely sight of an early morning sun shimmering on the sea.


I found the room to be very satisfactory as well as it was tasteful with well kept furniture but more importantly, it was all quite spacious, including the bathroom, balcony and even storage space was quite spacious as we had a big wardrobe. Plenty of room on the dressing table for all our my stuff.DSCN2985


Last year, in Italy, our room was ridiculously sized! You had to shuffle round the furniture and the bathroom was tiny! The shower and toilet were right next to each other which was kind of gross. This year even the bathroom was quite big Open-mouthed smile room for two to clean their teeth at once!

The Resort.
Fuengirola completely lives up to its expectation of being a ‘beachy’ holiday. When you think of a beach holiday, you think, sand, sea, sun, palm trees, cafes, ice cream, touristy shops, correct? Well Fuengirola ticks all of these boxes.


There is a main promenade that is full of hotels, cafes/bars and tourist shops.


The only thing that I thought could have been a little bit better were the shops. I found that the resort was really limited with the variety of shops it has, I mean if you’ve seen one shop selling umbrellas, rubber rings, and post cards, you’ve seen them all! They’re all the same. I would have liked to a few more shops along the promenade that sold more than just buckets and spades!

We did find a few proper shops but they were about a twenty minute walk away from our hotel, and they weren’t even located along the promenade but on a side street with a small square.

Maybe this is just me though, I mean I am a shopaholic. It probably wouldn’t bother everyone like it did me.


I would thoroughly recommend Fuengirola to those in search for a gorgeous spot to do some relaxing in the Spanish sunshine.


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