Back Home

I’m home after a hot, relaxing week in the sun! I’ve got mixed feelings about being back home, on the one hand I do get home sick and its sort of nice to be back where you belong, but at the same time I’m not quite ready to face normality yet. Sad smile


Holidays go far too quickly and before you know it your back to the dark, cold country that you call ‘home’. Is it just me or does England seem duller than ever today? I miss the sun!

I had a lovely time in Spain, we stayed in the Hotel Angela in Fuengirola. And I don’t have a bad word to say against the hotel or even the resort itself. It was an ideal spot for a sunny get away – it was exactly what I needed.

I plan on doing a holiday recap on my blog very soon. Instead of doing one long post I’m probably going to split it up some way. I have a few ideas in mind. Smile


I’m keeping this post fairly short as I’m tired from travelling, but I will finish on a random piece of news. In the post today I received a letter from my university telling me that I passed the first year.I checked online to confirm and sure enough I saw the same bit of news telling me that I had passed. I was surprised because I didn’t put any effort in to revise and I definitely didn’t try my best, and usually when that happens I fail miserably.


Its crazy because, I felt so insecure about my abilities when I went to that uni and there were so many things that made me unhappy (more on that here.) I questioned who I was and what I was capable of. Although I would/will never call myself clever, I have for a long while believed in myself. But recently it was like that flame within me had been blown out, and all that was left were ashes.

As time passed and I found an alternative to staying on at that university, my discontentment eased and the flame was ignited again. I believe that the key to success, great or small, is happiness.

And lastly, isn’t it stupid how a bit of paper telling me that I had passed, made me see that I do have potential? Why should a bit of paper remind me of this? I wish that I had more confidence in myself sometimes. I am a hard worker. I am a strong person. I will always try in life to get what I want.

– All I would like right now though is a good night’s kip.


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