A Look Inside My Wardrobe

Totally random but hopefully fun,  post I’m publishing while I’m away on holiday: a mini tour of my wardrobe.


Its small, but full top to bottom with my stuff.


I should start by saying that, I’m very precise when it comes to the layout of my wardrobe: I want everything to be neat and organised. There are a few basic principles to follow regarding my wardrobe.


(1) One colour per hook.


(2) All clothes face the same direction.


(3) Stack shoes away neatly.


(4) Unused hangers put in basket.


(5) Fold scarves in boxes.



I also like to decorate my wardrobe with all the tags from the clothes I buy, I’ve made a quirky little collage with all my clothes labels I’ve collected over time Winking smile


This is definitely one of the more random posts on my blog but I thought it would be nicer than none whilst I’m away.

See the last few posts I’ve published under ‘Catching Up?’ for some more holiday reads until I get back! 


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