Summer Beauty Routine

I thought I would publish a few posts while I’m away in Spain holidaying it up Open-mouthed smile This is the first of two posts. I’m trying to keep it in the theme of summer! So this is about my favourite body moisturisers at the moment:

During the summer months I like to spend a bit of extra time on my everyday routine to keep my skin in great condition. I tend to lack a bit during the colder months because I feel like my body is always covered up in layers so my skin isn’t exposed very much.
But summer time sees the arrival of surplus strappy vests, shorts, skirts and of course bikinis! This therefore means that our skin is on display a lot more, so I like to keep mine looking and feeling healthy.


Over the years I’ve tried dozens of skin products, and I’ve never really found one that stuck. I’m quite fussy when it comes to things like this, however this year I’ve found a product that I’m really pleased with.
A little while ago I started buying
Palmers cocoa butter hand cream. My job includes a lot of washing up and cleaning which leaves my hands in a terribly dry condition, so I was after a product that promised to sooth my dry skin. Obviously, in the past I’ve found that some a lot of products don’t actually do as they promise on the bottle, so I almost expected this not to work too. But to my amazement I found good results, so I branched out and bought a few more Palmers products.

My summer skin routine:
I’ve recently switched to taking morning showers (because I workout in the mornings) and as soon as I’m out the shower and dry, I like to apply
Palmers cocoa butter formula lotion. Now, in the past I’ve suffered from eczema and my skin is still fairly sensitive in places so I only use the lotion on my legs, knees, elbows and occasionally my stomach. The lotion has a lovely creamy texture when you apply it to your skin and you can almost instantly feel the rich lotion soothing it. I used to find that after I shaved my legs in the shower and I went to put cream on them afterwards, a majority of lotions made my freshly shaved legs sore, however Palmers feels nice and calming on your skin.


I’m definitely happy with the results, my skin always feels well moisturised when I use this product. The only thing that I could think may put people off the product is the fact that it does smell like chocolate, which is fine but you don’t exactly want to go the whole day smelling like a bar of chocolate do you?


 I personally don’t mind the smell of the product but everyone is different, and I know that my mum isn’t really keen on it and thus wouldn’t use these products. I think that they do a fragrance free version, but I haven’t tried it so don’t know how effective it is. Although I don’t mind the smell of the lotion, I’d rather not smell of it. So what I do, for more than one reason, is when I’m getting ready (drying my hair, putting makeup on, etc,) I pull on an old pair of tracksuit bottoms and an old t-shirt. This is key for me  when I’m getting ready because the smell of the lotion is transmitted onto my old clothes, and although I wouldn’t call the product ‘greasy’ I believe all lotions have an element of greasiness because they have a silky texture,  I would prefer the residue of the lotion to go onto my old clothes rather than mark my best stuff.


Then as soon as I’m done getting ready the lotion has usually been absorbed into my skin by this point and is dry, so I’m good to take my old clothes off and change into my specific outfit. The smell is practically gone by this point and a spritz of perfume is all you need to completely take away the cocoa aroma.

My final and probably favourite part of my beauty routine is to apply Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula.


This stuff works wonders on my skin – I love it! At first I was a little wary because the moisturiser isn’t your conventional skin product. My best way to describe it is that the cream is considerably solid in comparison to the cream I’ve mentioned above and its similar to Vaseline. The official product description:

The original classic moisturiser; a unique ‘solid’ formula that contains the highest concentration of cocoa butter, making it the perfect choice to soften, smooth and relieve rough, extra dry skin. (Source.)


I like to apply this product right before I go to bed (on the back of the jar it says that its good for ‘overnight use’) because it moisturises your skin so deeply. Initially the texture of it seems quite greasy as its so thick but as soon as you spread it onto your skin it just feels silky soft and soothing.


I love the way this cream looks after your skin. I use it especially on my feet, this sounds peculiar but I love to wear nice shoes so I like to have nice looking feet too. So there’s nothing worse than dry cracked heels, surely? But you can say goodbye to dry skin with this stuff. It softens the heels of my feet and makes the skin look healthy and smooth. Side note: I always pop on a pair of socks after I apply this because it wouldn’t be very pleasant treading on the floor with moisturised feet as you would pick up hairs and bits and bobs which could feel yucky.

Lastly, on the jar it promises to sooth marks and scars, I have an odd scar on my chest where an uncomfortable bra dug into me and the mark hasn’t budged for over 6 months. But since I started using Palmer’s the appearance of the mark has gone done considerably and is almost gone. So I would agree with the company’s claim that it helps reduce marks as it has on my skin.


Side Note: This is just my own personal opinion of Palmer’s and how in my experience it has worked for my skin. Everyone has different skin types so it could be worth checking the labels before you use new products and be aware that certain products may be more effective on different skin types.

What are your go-to skin products?


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