Busy Bees!


Today we have all been busy getting ready for our holiday on Tuesday. At around lunchtime we popped over to my nan and granddads to see how they were and also to drop the tortoise off with them. My dad left mum and I with nan and granddad while he went to Morrisons to get their weekly food shop for when we are away.

My granddad was quite confused again today. He loves buying himself gadgets even though he can’t understand how to use them and he enjoyed the look of my mum’s new video camera today though.

We sat in the garden with them to keep them company and then afterwards I tidied some clothes away in one of the back bedrooms that had begun to form a pile again.

Then when I came home I had a list of jobs I wanted to get done before the holiday. I like to clean and clear everything up before I go away so I know that I won’t be coming home to a load of things to do!

I began by hovering my filthy car.




Nice and clean!


Next up, I tinted my eyelashes. I have naturally light hairs which isn’t an issue but I really dislike having light eyelashes. So tinting them helps define them.





Then I cleaned my bedroom.

Pink room (10)

While trying to give this little lady lots of fuss!


And I haven’t even mentioned the pile of packing that we have left to tackle!


Its all part of the pre-holiday fun though!

7 Days
6 Days
5 Days
4 Days

3 Days
2 Days
1 Day

2 days to go!


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