A Little Retail Therapy

Good News!


I’m feeling a lot better today. Smile
All of those lethargic flu like symptoms seem to have lifted and all I’m left with now is a chesty cough.
None the less I have taken it easy today by not doing anything too strenuous.


This morning, mum and I went into town to get some last minute essentials for holiday like underwear, hair bits, flannels and so forth. We also bought some bargain dresses in the sales Winking smile and we have both reached the point where we’ve got to pick what dresses we want to take on holiday as we have so many!

Side note: my mum isn’t even clothes mad like I am, but I’m starting to wonder if I’m having an impact on her Winking smile

Other than popping out briefly this morning, I have been resting at home, sorting out bits to pack (we’re beginning our packing over the weekend) and I’ve also been preparing some blog posts for while I’m away on holiday.


I’ve been trying to keep busy in an ‘effortless’ way so basically doing lots of jobs that can be done sitting down! I like these kind of jobs Winking smile

Tomorrow I am hoping that I am going to be well enough to return to the gym after a weeks absence! It feels good to be back to my (almost) normal self! As I feel better the holiday excitement is really kicking in!

7 Days
6 Days
5 Days
4 Days
3 Days
2 Days
1 Day

5 days to go!


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