It Gets Worse, Before It Gets Better


Yesterday I became ill with what I thought was just a head cold. I had an early night and set my alarm for 6:30 this morning ready to get to work by 7 today.

A few hours into my shift it became clear that I had more than a head cold. I felt terrible: I was extremely drowsy and my whole body was aching. I managed to leave my shift 2 hours early and was so relieved to be home and resting.  I think I may have mild flu of some kind as I checked out some online websites and I have most of the symptoms:

  • sudden fever (a temperature of 38°C/100.4°F or above),
  • dry, chesty cough,
  • headache,
  • tiredness,
  • chills,
  • aching muscles,
  • limb or joint pain,
  • diarrhoea or stomach upset,
  • sore throat,
  • runny or blocked nose,
  • sneezing,
  • loss of appetite, and
  • difficulty sleeping.                  (Source.)


Its been sort of nice to have a legitimate excuse to lay down and get some rest. I’ve taken hostage of the sofa with a blanket and some cushions Winking smile and to help cheer me up I’ve had piggy cuddles and been watching Sex And The City movie (for the millionth time, I add)

I love the Sex And The City series and the first movie! I’ve watched the film to death Red heart but the thing I love about watching films over and over, is that you notice new things each time. Check out the pug I noticed today in this clip:

If it wasn’t for my new love for pugs I would have never noticed the little clip of a pug in the movie! It made me giggle anyways Smile LOL.

I really hope that with some rest and a few good nights sleep I’ll be back to normal ASAP. I think that I should completely forget about making the most out of the gym before my holiday if I plan on making a quick recovery as I could just make myself even more run down. Its a shame but I’m not too worried as long as I’m healthy by Tuesday! Tomorrow I plan on doing some moderate holiday packing.

7 Days
6 Days
5 Days
4 Days
3 Days
2 Days
1 Day

6 days to go!


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