Uh-oh. Today was not the productive day I had planned 24 hours ago.


I woke up at 5am feeling hot and unwell. My throat was sore and my head felt heavy. It took me a while to get back to sleep but I did drift off before finally getting up when the alarm pinged at 7.30 this morning.

Obviously its nothing serious, just a little head cold, but its strange how something like this can run you down considerably. I’ve felt lethargic and low on energy all day.

I had made plans to go with Gary to my Dad’s shop (he’s a hairdresser,) for his final trim before we go on holiday. Then afterwards we were going to go to the gym together. We headed off to the gym, arrived, parked up and got out the car with our gym kits at the ready, to find out it was closed. What donuts!

All I planned to do was walk on the treadmill, I figured gentle exercise is better than none considering I’m not 100%. I hadn’t completely convinced Gary that I was fine to go to the gym anyways so I think he was secretly pleased that the gym was shut. He called it a ‘blessing in disguise’ or something along those lines. I think that maybe he was right.

Today was spent mainly resting. I did venture out again with Dad, we walked to the shops for about an hour but even that gentle walk took it out of me! I came home and slept on the sofa for over an hour. Fingers crossed I’m feeling a little better tomorrow, I’m on the early at work so an early night is on the cards for me today.


I was sort of bummed that I’ve felt ill on my day off from work, plus I was hoping to feel really excited about my holiday which is in a weeks time! In fact I’ve felt worried that I’m going to pass my germs on to the others! It would be rubbish if they caught this before our holiday. I’m hoping this should clear by next week, a bit of extra hygienic precautions and some positive thinking could go a long way!

The countdown starts here:

7 Days
6 Days
5 Days
4 Days
3 Days
2 Days
1 Day!


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