Happy Birthday Mum!


Today was my Mum’s birthday – Happy Birthday Mum, I love you loads! Open-mouthed smile

Mum got a bit of bad and good luck on her birthday. Bad luck in the sense that it landed on a boring day of the week (Monday) and everyone had to go to work. Yet good luck in the sense that she had beautiful weather! I worked an early shift, 7-3, so mum and dad got finished early so we could enjoy the glorious afternoon together. The weather was bright and warm, just how I like it.




My mum bought a digital camera with her birthday money, and I have already warmed to her new toy!


The camera is unbelievably light yet nifty! The shots are really clear too. I’ve been having a play around with it trying to get to grips with it all. Great timing for a camera with our holiday in a weeks time!

More on the camera in due course.


I’m keeping this post short and sweet, its been a long day and I’m planning to be productive tomorrow. My holiday is in a weeks time and I really want to get back on track from today onwards, and I may even try and see if my knee can cope with running again. Who knows? Fingers crossed.. I feel like I need a little motivation to kick me back into gear again Sad smile Come on knee I’ve given you enough rest now surely?

Hopefully a more positive post will follow this one tomorrow, but I won’t hold my breath.


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