Take That Progress Live 2011


Yesterday was a rollercoaster of events to say the least.


Around Christmas time last year, Gary’s dad won 8 box seat tickets to see Take That perform their Progress Tour at Wembley. So Gary and his two brothers, Steve and Kevin, were all chosen to go and watch the show and to all bring their wives (well in my case girlfriend Winking smile) I’m not a mad Take That fan, however I do like their music and I’ve got some of their albums on my iPod. Although I’m not an obsessed fan, I was well up for going to see them yesterday.

Part of the prize also included free car parking, so it was decided that we would drive to Wembley, Gary and I rode with Steve and Caroline.




We left home at 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon, which also probably wasn’t the greatest time to leave in hindsight because it meant that we got terribly stuck in all of the London traffic at rush hour time! A lot of the journey felt like we were just crawling through and not making any progress at all. Hence lots of bored pictures of the journey:



My boredom was resolved a little when I saw signs or Wembley:


Once we saw signs for Wembley we also began to see the top of the stadium itself, so we knew we were finally getting close. (Only took us over 2 and a half hours.. but never mind!)


Wembley! At last!


We had a little trouble finding our cap park but got there eventually. Once we were all parked up we headed off in search of our entrance to the stadium.



It was my first time going to Wembley so I was quite excited to see how it all looked, both on the outside and the interior. The building itself is obviously massive, it can hold the capacity of “90,000” (Source)  people which is incredible, yet I was still amazed by the vast amounts of people everywhere!

I was beginning to worry about what sort of food facilities there were on offer, because on the outside I could only see greasy burger stands and so on, which I was not in the mood for.

There were also loads of stands selling merchandise too, but this stand stood out particularly and made me giggle with all the cheesy t-shirts: ‘Marry Me Gary’ was also rather amusing to Gary and myself too Winking smile


After a long old trek getting nowhere, we finally got somewhere: to our box!



Having a box was so luxurious! Our seats were fairly private as we weren’t surrounded by people every side of us, we had our own table inside where we could have chosen to order take away food but the menu wasn’t flexible enough for everyone’s tastes so we had to go down to a restaurant for dinner and we also had our own toilet and kitchen area! It was brilliant.


It was so nice to be able to use a toilet freely whenever we wanted to, plus without having to join a massive queue for the ladies room!




Some of our views:



Once we were all settled in we went downstairs to eat. Thankfully we managed to get a table for 8, and we were also served quickly too which was a relief. I ordered a grilled chicken burger which was tasty due to some seasoning in it and the bun had a nice flavour from some unusual seeds on it. I was too hungry to snap a picture of my plate of food.

Unfortunately because we had been stuck in traffic and arrived late, we missed most of the supporting act, the Petshop Boys.We managed to see their last song though.




Steve and Caroline.


From left to right: Norman, Maureen, Kevin and Angie.




Shortly afterwards Take That came on stage! There was a two minute countdown to their appearance where they came out firstly as the four of them:




The crowd was going crazy!



After a brief set the four Take That members left the stage and Robbie Williams performed a solo. He was amazing and the crowd were getting even more hyped by his arrival!


Robbie sung all of his classic songs and he really looked like he was giving it all he had! Incredible. He of course concluded with a performance of ‘Angels’



The final part of the show was with the whole band, Robbie included, as they performed most of their recent songs.




The show concluded in true Take That style and before you knew it the stadium was bereft of the crowd. Boy did everyone shift!

Apparently though, we didn’t move quickly enough: we had a horrendous journey home! I won’t go into boring details, but lets just say that the show ended at 10.15 and I wasn’t in my bed until half past 2 this morning. Sad smile 

It took us over an hour just to get out of the car park! Add the fact that we were all parched and had no fluids to drink (I blame the tasty but extremely salty chips that came with out meals) and it was a recipe for disaster! At around 1.45am we called into a Moto for a quick trip to the loo’s and a drink. Because Caroline and I both work at a Moto we flashed our staff cards and got a handy 20% discount on our hot chocolate. (Which I then burnt my tongue on! Bad luck followed me yesterday!)


Gary and I also shared half an oaty flapjack which was lovely and gave me a tiny bit of energy to make the last bit of our journey home!

All in all the day was a memorable one: I will never forget the luxury we experienced from our box, the band were brilliant and the journey their and back certainly won’t be forgotten in a hurry!

What have you done this weekend?





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