Now Isn’t The Time To Slack

She says while she sits typing away lazily on her laptop.

My motivation is on a bit of a low at the moment. There always seems to be an excuse not to go and workout. You name it, I’ve probably used it as an excuse the past few weeks:

I’ve had a long day at work and really don’t feel like going to the gym afterwards.
Its too hot to exercise right now.
I feel
I don’t want to hurt my knee before my holiday.
I’ve got a headache and feel like crap.
Did I mention how I’ve had a long day at work?

You see my point.


I think I should just grab my keys and gear and get myself down to the gym. But I’ve really struggled to put this theory into action and making excuses was the easy way out this week.

Its the last few weeks leading up to my holiday now and I know I could regret slacking at the last minute. But I feel like I have already spent a lot of time and effort into my summer body and last minute sloppiness shouldn’t have too big an impact. If I’ve learned anything the last year or so its that I should love my body for what it is –

Hols (179)

Shapes and curves all the way!

Maybe seeing all my beautiful holiday clothes in my wardrobe should motivate me to go to the gym. I still have three days left of this week to correct my slacking, right?


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