Holiday Diary 2004

Last week I did a holiday recap post, which inspired me to write this post too.

Gran Canaria holiday 054

On my holiday to Gran Canaria in 2004 when I was twelve years old, I kept a small holiday diary. Its really funny to go back and read over it now all these years later. But its also quite a nice thing to keep as a reminder of what we actually did each day. I’ve decided to copy my holiday diary into this post, word for word (even the dodgy spellings and punctuation I used as a twelve year old) Behold a tiny fraction into my twelve year-old mind:



Key: Underlined = misspelled word.
           * = reference.


Dear Diary,
We got up at 3.25 in the morning. Nan picked us up at 4. We said goodbye to nan & granddad & looked around the airport. Daddy got me some new perfume called ‘true star.’ I got a neckalas, bracellete a ring & a trinket box. Eventually after an extra hour as we got delayed we toke off. It wasn’t a brilliant flyte but there you go. We landed at 1 & arrived at Sandy Golf* around 2.30. We had an ice lolly & beer; then me & mum had our first swim (Faro 2* for tea. Went to bed at 10.

* Sandy Golf – the apartments where we were staying.
* Faro 2 – the local shopping centre.


Gran Canaria holiday 018


Dear Diary,
We had breakfast & then we walked to Faro 2 to do a bit of shopping. I bought a lovely new handbag & a bracelte. We had a capacheno (with lots of cream!) then made our way back to Sandy Golf. For lunch we had delish soft cheese sandwitch with salt & vinegar crisps. We had a couple of dips in the pool afterwards dad cut my hair. Once more we had another swim then got ready for the evening meal.



Dear Diary,
At 10 this morning we caught the bus into Maspalomas* We, well I did a spot of shopping in the new centre. I got a purse to match my new bag & a likkle puppy! Then we went for a capacheno & ice cream. Me, mum & dad got a taxi back to Sandy Golf & we all had lunch in the pool cafe. I had a plate of chips, dad had pizza & mum had a Spanish omelette. I finished my new book Diamond Girls. Its the best book I’ve ever read. We went to the pool for a quick swim, then got ready for tea. I started reading The Werepuppy.

* Maspalomas – The resort where we stayed.

Gran Canaria holiday 048*

* The puppies I mention are these toys

Gran Canaria holiday 022


Dear Diary,
We got the bus to Playa De Inglais & walked over the sand dunes to the sea front & walked to Maspalomas beach. It was hard work. On the way we past the nudies & the gay men. It was horrid!! Finally we reached the end & washed our feet. We went in our usual cafe & then got a taxi back 2 Sandy Golf. At 3 me & dad had lunch in the pool cafe (shared tuna and ham piza with chips) then we went for a dip in the pool, it was great fun. When I got back I finished my book The Werepuppy. Afterwards I washed my hair & got ready, I wore my new patterned skirt, cream top & you’ll never believe, mum’s bage high heeled shoes. We ate our meal & ice cream then mum bought me a new perfume called Eternity Moment its really nice. We then walked back to the apartment all dying to go to the loo!

Gran Canaria holiday 028


Dear Diary,
We all decided to catch the bus into Maspalomas to go back to the shopping centre as I wanted to get a friend for Polly. Mum got some perfume; Pure Poison we got some prezzies for people too. Then we headed to cafe Athena then we got a taxi home. We lounged about in the afternoon. We ate tuna sandwitches & crisps for lunch. We went in the pool for a bit then got ready to go out.

Gran Canaria holiday 030


Dear Diary,
Today we all agreed on going to the market. I got a new denim skirt & mum and dad got some lace. Their were lots of Louis Ve Ton bags  but they were riping us of. They was blooming expensife! We had piza in the pool-cafe on that day too. After that we went for a swim then got ready for the meal.

Gran Canaria holiday 036


Dear Diary,
Its our last day so we just mooched around not doing a lot, we walked to Faro 2 for a capacheno, cofe & coke & then went back again seen as all the shops were shut because it was Sunday. Me & dad played voleyball in the pool, then we had lunch me & mum shared piza & chips & daddy had spanish omelette. After another dip in the pool I went back to no 15 & fed Marmalade 1 & 2, the Marmalade 2 came on my sun lounger and we relaxed. For tea we went to our usual restaurant and we said goodbye to them.

Gran Canaria holiday 061

Re-reading my 2004 holiday diary really emphasised what holidays tend to mean in our family. I know I get a little repetitive in my day to day diary entries and add the fact that my spelling and punctuation are a bit sloppy, but to me it highlights the key factors of a holiday. To us, a holiday means taking it easy, swimming, walking, sunbathing and of course enjoying food!

The countdown is getting intense for our summer holiday now: under 2 weeks!

What do holidays mean to you?


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