I’m Not Lying When I Say That I Love To Shop


Guess what I did again today?


Well done if you guessed shopping Winking smile

I’m back on track with the gym this week. I’m proud to say that I’ve already been twice (yesterday and this morning) despite the intense heat we’ve been having the past few days. I was really tempted to ditch my workouts and just crash out in the sun, but I resisted the urge and hit the gym. I’m always pleased once I’ve made the effort to go to the gym, sometimes its just making the effort that is the toughest part.

Anyway back to shopping for today, I’ll do a workout post later this week. I can honestly say that I’m loving the amount of shopping in my life right now! I can’t get enough of it! I’m working hard enough at work so why not treat myself a little, right?


Plus I had some birthday money and vouchers to use Smile

We went to Lakeside today, we don’t go here too often because the journey is just that bit longer, busier and expensive (bridge tolls) which means that when we do go we should make the most of it.

I’m really beginning to enjoy shopping here a little more, so far I’ve been twice this year which is more than I’ve been in the past two years in total probably. I especially enjoy the massive Superdry shop where I’m 99% guaranteed to not leave the shop without making a purchase Winking smile

I was pleased with my shopping trip today because I got some nice bits without spending a huge amount of money. Sometimes its good to spend a lot and be really chuffed with what you got like last week, but its also good to spend a little more cautiously too! I bought a Levis shirt, a Superdry t-shirt, Superdry espadrilles, a skirt and some shorts both from Topshop. I spent £20 out of £40 of my birthday vouchers! Half left still to spend!


We also stopped for a traditional Costa, where today I ordered the red berry smoother. It was amazing! I think I prefer it to the mango passion fruit one! The picture hasn’t come out great because the lighting was sort of rubbish in the cafe, but it looked, tasted and smelt lovely. It was so sweet and fruity which always hits the spot for me. Yum!


We didn’t stay too long because we wanted to avoid the rush hour traffic. However the roads were pretty bad even though we left early, due to the terrible thunder storms we experienced today. I think it was the worst rainy driving conditions I’ve been in.

Pre-stormy weather:



I would have had to wear shorts and sandals in a down pour wouldn’t I?


Sadly this will probably be my last shop before my holiday, so there won’t be anymore shopping related posts for a while. However I am working on some holiday posts about all my luggage and planning, which always gets me excited and in the mood for travelling. Stay tuned! Open-mouthed smile




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