My Birthday Weekend: Part I


What a lovely birthday weekend I had! I’ve decided to split this post up in two parts because I ended up taking a ton of pictures over the weekend that I don’t want to squeeze into one long post Smile

On Friday I went out for an Indian with Gary and a few members of his family. I booked the whole weekend off from work and on Saturday during the day I enjoyed a lazy day doing this and that, then in the evening I went out for a meal with some family.



My new birthday outfit:




I loved my birthday balloon from Gary Winking smile 


I only had a small celebratory meal with my parents, grandparents and Gary but it was still very enjoyable.




Our table was reserved for 8 in the evening but we didn’t eat for at least an hour after we sat down as all the food is prepared from fresh. By the time our food came I was beginning to fade away, but the wait was well worth it! Our meals were delish Smile



We skipped starters and went straight in for our main course. I ordered the cheeseburger which was so tasty. The burger bun was soft yet slightly crunchy and the burger itself had such a delectable taste – it was lovely. The meal was filling but I wasn’t uncomfortable when I finished, which only meant one thing:


Plenty of room for dessert!


My Swiss Chocolate ice cream was served with birthday candles Winking smile and I received another chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’ which was nice, but it wasn’t as nice as the creamy ice cream itself.


This was clearly all homemade and absolutely splendid. I savoured every mouthful of this tasty dish.

Everyone went for ice cream for dessert, and you can mix and match any 3 scoops of ice cream on the menu so everyone was being creative apart from me who just went straight in for 3 chocolate scoops, and Gary who went for bread and butter pudding. Winking smile


He likes to be different my man.. even this dessert looked pretty yum. But I’m always in the mood for chocolate!


Lovely evening to get me in the festive mood for my 19th birthday..


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