Best Friends

I wrote yesterday about Caramel, but what I failed to mention was how she and her sister Calypso are best friends.


Guinea pigs don’t have very adventurous lives. They live for the smaller things in life such as eating and sleeping. But these two girls were always by each others side for these peaceful moments. They barely had a bad word against each other. They both share a kind, gentle nature which makes them perfect little pets to have.



It was a great comfort knowing that these two had each other. I know that they made each other very happy, just how they make us very happy.


I woke up this morning to find that Caramel’s suffering had ended. She seemed very peaceful and hopefully she died painlessly in her sleep. I’m sorry we couldn’t have done anything more for her, but this was obviously what her body needed. Her sad face was heart breaking and we all felt so helpless watching her like this.



Writing this post is difficult, because I’m trying to remain strong and think of all the joy Caramel brought to our lives and I’ll never forget that.

Caramel, you were the sweetest little creature and you were always putting a smile on my face. I could rely on you to cheer me up when I was down, just by one soft stroke of your fur. I’m glad that you’re suffering has ended here on earth with us and I hope you are in a better place now. You will be greatly missed by us and also by your darling sister. I hope your love will be enough to keep her going for a few more years with us.


I actually have a busy weekend ahead of me, for my birthday on Sunday. So I am going to try and be happy, without feeling too guilty. I know that Caramel would want to see us enjoying life like she did in her short years here. I’m glad that I have things to help take my mind away from the sadness of this morning, and hopefully I can focus on the happier times with Caramel too.

We love and miss you Caramel. Thank you for the happiness you gave me.


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