I wish I could say that I remember this day vividly, but that would be lying. Amazingly my memory has failed me on this occasion. This was the day that Caramel and Calypso came into our family.

I think that my memory of this day has been overshadowed by all of the other wonderful, happy memories these guinea pigs have given me in the four years I have had them.


On the day after we got them.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that these girls bring us happiness every day. They’re always doing something sweet or silly to catch our attention, or sometimes all they have to do is look cute and they make our hearts well up with affection.


But yesterday, we noticed that Caramel wasn’t herself as she wasn’t eating or moving.


A pig who isn’t eating is a worrying signal that something is wrong, they’re always munching away on something. Everyone was out during the day but I had noticed that she wasn’t calling for her breakfast like normal in the morning, and I noted that she hardly made any effort to get her food. Then in the evening she just got worse and worse.

On picking her up, I noticed that she had already lost a lot of weight. Her body felt bony and fragile as she lay on my lap lifelessly. What I still can’t shake is the sad expression in her eyes Sad smile

I had her on my lap till late last night, and she looked so poorly, I couldn’t help but get emotional at my little lady. I gave her cuddles and kisses and tried to apologise for making her soft fur damp with my teardrops. I feared leaving her for the night, scared at what I was going to wake up to. I was praying for her to make it through the night before I went to sleep.


By some miracle my little lady was still here this morning, but she was looking worse for wear. I knew that we had to get her to see the vet today, because illness in guinea pigs can become life threatening very quickly, and she probably hadn’t eaten for 24 hours.

I had to go to work today, but my mum managed to get Caramel a vet appointment at 9.40am. I was frantically trying to sneak out the back to check my phone at work whenever I got the chance.


The vet inspected her for a little while and finally concluded that he thought Caramel may have had a stroke. She has been given antibiotics and we have to syringe feed her every two hours. The vet said to give her 48 hours to improve, and if we don’t see any improvement, the kindest thing to do will be to let her go

So far, she seems a bit perkier but by no means her normal self. She still looks so sad and beautiful that its breaking my heart. I can’t bear to see her look like this. I suppose I should be thankful that she doesn’t appear to be in any pain.

Both of girls know something is wrong. Calypso doesn’t quite understand that she needs to be careful with her sister as she’s fragile. Yet she is still being affectionate by cleaning her – so we’re all doing our best to look after Caramel.

It seems silly to be so upset by an animal, especially a tiny guinea pig. But I can’t help but feel so attached to her, she plays such a sweet role in my life I would be very sad to lose her.

We’ve done all we can for Caramel. Its in the hands of fate what happens to her now. I am praying for her to make a miraculous recovery in the next few days. Love you little lady.



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