Shop, Marvellous Shop!


I had ‘one of those’ shops yesterday. It was brilliant.


Although my tiny little boot may not agree that it was brilliant being stuffed full with shopping bags. Winking smile


My alarm was set for 7am so I was ready to go into work with Dad at 8 in the morning. He had two appointments and then we headed to Bluewater.

I went all out with the purchases, time is ticking and I have lots of upcoming events that I would like outfits for. (Birthdays, dinner parties, holiday to name a few.)

My birthday is on Sunday and we’re going out for a meal Saturday evening and I got an outfit from Topshop that I want to wear. I also purchased some Levis jeans, a sleeveless checked shirt, a dress, some Hollister vests and then I made a trip to the Sunglasses Hut Open-mouthed smile . I’m sure you can gather what came next..



I need a little bit of Chanel in my life! I’m saving my new sunglasses for my holiday so you will have to wait and see what these beauties look like!


But you can have a sneak peak of the lovely case:


We stopped for a Costa half way round our productive shop.


I ordered a mango flavoured cooler which was like a very fruity smoothie drink. It was pretty stuffy in the shopping centre so this drink was really lovely and refreshing.


Doesn’t it look fruity? Yum. The only thing with these sorts of drinks is whenever I’m half way through them, the coldness makes me cough. Its really random! But I can but up with a bit of coughing for this lovely tasting beverage.


Lots of shopping and sunshine = a happy Grace!



I had planned on going straight from shopping to the gym, and my bag was all ready in my car but I just couldn’t face going. I had done plenty of walking around the shops to be fair and I just wanted to get all my new bits home. I’ve decided to take this as my ‘day off’ and I went to the gym this evening after my shift at work instead. Plenty of powerwalking!

What have you bought recently?


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