Holiday Recap 2010: Aqualandia

In the spirit of my upcoming holiday (in 3 WEEKS TIME Open-mouthed smile)  I thought that it would be nice to do a holiday recap. Obviously I’m not recapping the whole holiday but I’ve decided to write about one of the fun days out Gary and I had at the waterpark while we were holidaying in Italy last year.



Usually I’m not that much of a theme park sort of person, I don’t like rollercoasters as I get motion sickness. So our trip to the waterpark was a fairly unique and new experience to me. Smile Being an only child is also another reason why trips like this are rare, as my parents are not ‘get up and go to a theme park’ people either! But this year I had my wonderful boyfriend with me on holiday so I had an opportunity to visit a park for a change.

Hols (206)

We asked at our reception how to get to the park because it was located a little bit away from the resort. The reception informed us that a little mini-train picks up outside another hotel on the resort’s square, which was two minutes away from our hotel on the beach, which runs straight to Aqualandia.

Hols (180)

Waiting for our train in the blazing sunshine Smile.

We jumped on the little train for a short 5 minute journey to the park.When we arrived I felt like an excited little kid queuing up to pay for our ticket.

Hols (187)

Once we paid for our ticket we were in! The fun, quirky atmosphere immediately hits you as you walk in. There was eccentric, upbeat music humming out speakers, staff dressed up in Hawaiian styled costumes and the continual sound of people playing and laughing.

Hols (190)

Hols (192)

I was surprised at how big the park was! Every direction boasted a ride or swimming pool – I couldn’t wait to begin!


After quickly sorting out a locker we weighed out which ride to begin with and decided on the toboggans. As I’m a bit of a jelly I thought the toboggans were a good place to start as they weren’t too daunting. The queue wasn’t too bad and we were soon carrying a raft up the ride! I was definitely pleased that most the rides, if not all, were  suitable for pairs. Vision me clinging on to my man in fear Winking smile – kidding – it was so fun!  Although Gary did sit at the front for the first ride because I’m a baby.

It didn’t take long for us to get into the swing of things, we began to playfully scream down the rides for a laugh, cry out ‘weeee!’ or other random words! Fun times Smile

Hols (188)crop

Hols (189)crop

As the day got on, the park got busier and so did the queues. But I still managed to keep my cool on (I’m Miss Impatient.) To be fair, the wait was never too bad as I only really remember having to wait considerably for one of the bigger ones – and the wait was worth it in the end. The sun was beating down on us and the company was splendid so it wasn’t all bad Winking smile

There were only two rides I was too chicken to go on, but they were four people rides anyway so we would have had to go down with some random people. Interestingly enough a pair of Serbian teenagers about our age or younger, tried to befriend us in a queue and invited us to go on one of the big rides with them. We kindly declined the offer, however it was amusing for us as we now had a new saying to joke with: ‘Serbian friend.’

Hols (198)

I cannot take self pictures: fact.

Once we went on all the rides we wanted to go on at least twice, we made a stop for lunch. The park’s cafe had your typical fast-food grub which hit the spot perfectly for our hungry tummies. We both had burgers and chips Open-mouthed smile


After lunch we took it easy and didn’t go on anymore speedy rides. We chilled out in the massive swimming pool, they also activated waves in the pool at certain times too but we didn’t participate too much after eating a big lunch.

Mid to late afternoon we called it a day and with use of a map on the back of a leaflet we easily managed to walk back to our hotel. (All we had to do was head for the sea really Winking smile.)

Watch the parks official video here:

I loved our fun trip to the waterpark , it was so good and I often think about it on rainy days and wish I could revisit the lovely day somehow Winking smile (time to invent a time machine…)

Gary and I have already researched waterparks at this years holiday destination in Spain! We’re in luck! I’m in a proper holiday mood now.

Bring. It. On.

What puts you in a holiday mood? Do you like waterparks / theme parks?


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