New Appearance And Attitude

Hello there! FPF has had a little revamp!


Time to say goodbye to the old appearance! I’ve ditched the red and gone for something a little more earthy: with a green florally design.

Okay, so my new header is a little cheesy as I’ve gone for a  holiday picture of me last year and I decided to lose the ‘Food Plus Fashion’ text that I had in the old header above. But I actually kind of like the change Smile 

Looking back I think that the red was maybe a bit overwhelming? The new colour is definitely nicer in my opinion.



If you read my blog you may know that I hurt my knee back in April. I literally have not ran properly since. My knee doesn’t hurt unless I begin to run/jog, none the less last week I tried my luck out at jogging again thinking ‘what can it hurt trying?’

I was amazed that jogging very gently on the treadmill at 5.0 mph for about 2 minutes made my knee begin to niggle with pain again. It is so frustrating!  I angrily slowed the treadmill back down to a walking pace, and considered getting off and going home right that minute.

I took a deep breath and realised that going home would be silly. Instead of feeling defeated about it I tried to take a different attitude to it.

-I went to the gym to workout, so a workout was what I did.
– Not being able to run is not the end of the world, nor worth getting upset about.
I’m through with running for a while.


I have come to the conclusion that I am going to give running a break for a considerable amount of time – possibly for about 6 months. Whatever I’m doing isn’t working for my knee. I think that a proper break from it may be what my mind and body both need. I’m sick of being disappointed with my body! The whole reason I exercise is to feel good about my body and right now I’m getting the opposite effect.

Hopefully in the long run this break will be good for my body, I have my fingers crossed at least!

I’m trying to take a new attitude to exercise from now on, by making the most of what I’ve got. So my knee doesn’t want to run. Fine. I’m starting up powerwalking as my new go-to form of exercise instead. Finding alternative solutions in times like this does help!

Who knows, maybe I will learn to love power walking ? Winking smile

What do you think about FPF’s new appearance? Feel free to leave a comment!


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