No Rest For The Wicked


Even though it is Father’s day! Happy Father’s day Dad Open-mouthed smile

Today was no different to any other Sunday. We didn’t do anything too special for the occasion: we busied ourselves at home during the morning then headed to Morrisons to do my grandparents food shopping for them. After a brief visit with them it was time to come home. I saw Fran for an hour or so for a nice catch up but couldn’t stay too long as my other grandparents were round for a BBQ in the evening.


When Dad started cooking the BBQ it was trying to rain so the trusty umbrella was up for a while until the sun showed his face.



The boyfriend and I kept Dad company while he tended to the BBQ.



Garden pics!



I had such a ‘fat-day’ today in the end Sad smile literally so much food consumption! On the plus side I have been keeping to the gym well this week and have been 5 times on top of going to work so its not all bad. I hate that uncomfortable full up feeling you get, a sure sign that you’ve eaten too much! Time to plan and be good tomorrow as its a new start to the week.

How was your Father’s Day?


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