Preparations: Part II

In our household this week, we have been busy helping plan for my grandparents Golden Wedding Anniversary.
You can read Part I:


Basically I have been collecting as many party items as possible to help decorate the venue. This includes ‘ready-made’ party accessories such as balloons, banners, confetti, napkins and so forth:





And I’ve also gathered some accessories to help make my own party decorations: such as a small notice board that I am going to use as a personalised poster, pictures of all the family and some gold paper.


I printed off some  recent family pictures from Morrisons. I have started covering these pictures in plastic to protect them and some are also going to be backed with a golden frame. The few selected images with a gold frame are going to be pinned up on the walls with blue-tac, but the rest of the images we think we are going to scatter around the tables.


I am definitely rocking the gold theme here Winking smile maybe my outfit should also coordinate somehow too?


 I think that everything is beginning to fall into place, we have just under a fortnight to finalise everything. All that is really left is finding an outfit to wear! But that shouldn’t be too difficult Winking smile 

I’m looking forward to seeing everything come together on their special day! Do you have any special events coming up this summer?


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