Its A Birthday Thing



Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday.
We have a system in our household when it comes to birthdays. We are very traditional when it comes to things like this.
The day starts early, to open cards and gifts. Side Note – do you like the card I got for my Dad?  Winking smile


This usually takes place in bed with a cup of tea and biscuits:


And then we hide behind open presents.


After this the birthday boy/girl pretty much has the pick of what we do for the day Smile 
Yesterday this consisted of:
– Going to the gym in the morning.
– Smarting ourselves up.
– Picking where we went for lunch.
– Eating indulgent food.
– Drinking plenty of beer. (Left this one all to Dad obviously.)

The weather wasn’t anything special considering its June and the weather has been so lovely.


It was grey and miserable in the morning.


But it was cheerful enough indoors I suppose!

We had a busy old morning heading off to the gym, but the weather was ideal for it really. My workout plan for the week consists of purely powerwalking and no other form of cardio (because of my knee).I’m finding powerwalking a great form of exercise, it tests my fitness but without the pressure on my knee. Win win really. And amazingly my knee has been feeling good recently, a result of my new found icing routine perhaps?

We spent about an hour at the gym before heading back home to get ready. I had no idea what to wear because I had planned on a nice dress (below) but the weather just put me off it. Sometimes I have to be in the right mood to wear something?


Instead I opted for my best, smart black Levis jeans and a polo top. Meh. I would have preferred the dress. Damn weather. I did try and make it summery by putting a flower in my hair though Winking smile 

Dad went to pick my nan and granddad up and then we headed off to the pub.


By the time we arrived at about 1pm, the grey sky had dispersed and there were blue skies which was an improvement from the morning.


Dad chose Lord Raglan to have our meal yesterday. We have been going to this pub for years and years now.



I think that the food here is delicious, always 10/10.
But I have a few issues with the pub in general. They are just my own personal opinions and it probably doesn’t even bother anybody else.


The pub is a very old building, which often makes for a cosy, warm atmosphere. But the ceilings in the pub are particularly low and the natural light is very poor due to the limited amount of windows. I also find that the electrical lighting that the pub provides is really dim and feeble though too. So the whole place always seems very dark and I just get this dark and dingy vibe from it. I don’t know maybe its me?

(By the way the picture above does make it look worse than it is because I didn’t use the flash on this image.) I happen to hate the flash on cameras as it is so unflattering, but if you want a picture in this pub the only way to get one is by using the flash.


I end up not bothering to take many pictures in the pub itself, which is unusual for me as I’m always overly camera-happy Winking smile But I did snap this one of the birthday boy though!

We all had main meals  so I ordered lamb chops with salad and chips. It was the perfect size meal for lunch time, because by the time you actually cut the meat from the bone and remove the fat, there isn’t really a lot there. Then for desert I went for home made Crunchie Bar ice cream. Delicious! The desert was my favourite part Winking smile oh, the ice cream had an incredible thick, creamy texture and rich taste to it! NOMNOM.

I will be doing an extra 100 sit ups at the gym today, but the meal is worth a bit of hard work!

All in all I am glad that my Dad wanted to go here for his birthday because the food doesn’t disappoint. Good call from the Birthday Boy!


The day concluded as every Monday concludes for me, by doing a late shift at work. All good things must come to an end I suppose. I think that my dad enjoyed his low key birthday though Smile

What are Birthdays like in your household?


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