10 Reasons Why I Love My Dad


Today is my Dad’s birthday – Happy 51st Birthday Dad! Open-mouthed smile

June and July are birthday months in our household: our birthdays all land closely together, which is nice. Dads birthday is first, then mine is in the middle at the end of June, and Mum’s is at the beginning of July. Summer birthdays are lovely, especially if the weather treats you to a warm sunny day.

Today is not a warm sunny day. BOO. Sad smile But we will make the most of it none the less!

As his birthday landed on a Monday, we began celebrating over the weekend.

Mitch's Birthday (12)


Last year, for my Dad’s 50th, we took a trip to London.

Mitch's Birthday (43)Mitch's Birthday (46)

Mitch's Birthday (70)

We haven’t been to London since and we’re planning to go in a two weeks time, for my birthday, which I’m really looking forward to! Smile

Seen as its his birthday I thought I would make a list of 10 reasons why my dad’s amazing:

10 Reasons Why I Love My Dad:
1. He always manages to make us laugh, whether deliberately or not.
2. He supports Mum and I through thick and thin.
3. He puts all his effort in helping run our home smoothly.
4. He does everything to make our family happy.
5. He has so many interests: most of which I share with him.
6. His sense of fashion is good.
7. He lives amongst two fiery women and two hungry guinea pigs.
8. He gets on well with my boyfriend.
9. He doesn’t give up on the people he loves.
10. He pretends to be James Bond.

We’re going out for pub lunch today – full birthday post later Smile


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