So This Is What Saturdays Look Like

When you’ve got the day off from work:


Egg-cellent. Winking smile


I booked today off  from work to spend the day with my Dad for his birthday this coming Monday. I work most Saturdays a year so it always feels special when I have a Saturday to myself! My mum also made it extra special by serving the boyfriend and I up egg and bacon on toast for breakfast this morning.



What a cracking start to the day!


Clean plates and satisfied bellies!
Why don’t I have more Saturdays off? Seriously?


I also took advantage of my day off by a trip to the gym with my granddad. Now I have generally stuck to my weekly workout plan quite well, however my knee started hurting again Thursday Sad smile so I knocked the cross training on the head yesterday and instead used it as a rest day. I think my body needed it.


Today I kept to my workout plan and did some more strength training. I’m enjoying incorporating weight work back into my exercise routines Smile especially now I’ve made it more challenging for myself by increasing the weight on the machines.

I worked on:

Basically I used all the machines that won’t work my legs. I’m kind of trying to keep my legs rested to help my knee recover or at least get better. It was a good workout Smile

Afterwards I showered and ate some lunch before heading out with mum and dad.


We took a little trip to the coast for an hour or so.




We took a wander around the high street, looking in a few shops and then mum and dad got some chips. I wasn’t hungry as I had a nice lunch so I only took three or four of their chips.


Next stop was at The Rose Inn pub, where they were holding a beer festival this weekend and also a hog roast. We only stopped in for a drink today, although we originally intended to go to the hog roast, because we made plans to meet my family for dinner tonight instead.



The Birthday Boy. (Well not quite yet…birthday weekend more like) Doing what he does best: drinking beer.



It was a nice way to spend my afternoon off Smile pleasant location in pleasant company.


We only had a couple of drinks before heading home to meet my grandparents and aunt for dinner. I always enjoy the picturesque journey to and from the pub, the countryside is so beautiful even in the rain.

Tomorrow I have work at 6am ! I’m planning to hit the gym right after work for a quick workout so I’ve packed my bag ready for my trip. The weather is supposed to be horrible so its a good opportunity to go.

I need more Saturday’s off! So its a good job I have another rare Saturday off in a fortnights time for my own birthday weekend! Smile How was your Saturday?


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