Stepping Up My Game


Today was my day off work and its gone way too quickly Sad smile. My day began like a normal Wednesday morning, with a trip to the gym. I followed my workout plan for the week by doing some strength training.
Lately I’ve found that the weight on the majority of machines I use at the gym isn’t challenging enough for me anymore. Seen as though my holiday is only 5 weeks away I want to step up my game, time is ticking by and if I want results I am going to have to challenge myself.


So today, I increased the weight I used on the machines by one level. I had a much better workout because the extra weight was noticeably harder and I was ready to finish after doing 3 sets of 10 of everything.


I got back from the gym and just had time for a shower (and a picture apparently,) then Dad and I headed off to the cinema. I’ve finally watched Pirates of the Caribbean! What with my exams and what not, I just haven’t got round to watching it until today.


I tend to only go to the cinema on a Wednesday because all of my family are on Orange so we make use of the 2 for 1 offer.

Firstly, I want to say that I really enjoyed the film a lot! I love all of the Pirates movies, but I admit I was a bit worried that a fourth movie might be dragging it out a bit. Yet the storyline is still as exciting as ever, despite being quite different to the first three films. I like change if it works, and I think the change worked well in this film. Two thumbs up from me! Open-mouthed smile

I did however, get a big shock today by the severe prices in the cinema. Oh my goodness! I know I haven’t been going to the cinema as frequently as I used to, but it seems like the prices have risen sharply! It cost us £11 for one 3D ticket to see Pirates, and by the way the 3D in the movie is a complete rip off. I’m not a big lover of 3D as it is, but this film wasn’t created to be watched in 3D, it was shot normally and the small bits of 3D added in are pants!


Oh and one other thing that put my nose out of joint today. Cineworld charge £11 for the  viewing of a film and then don’t even give you a proper ticket. Instead they give you some crappy bit of paper with your film details on Sad smile . Whatever happened to good old fashioned cinema tickets? I have a collection of cinema tickets that date back as far as 2000. Cinema ticket collecting has been my thing for over a decade, so I wasn’t too grateful about this pathetic bit of paper acting as my cinema ticket. Meh.

My day off absolutely flew by! Going to the cinema in the middle of the day certainly didn’t help. I’m back to work tomorrow, on the early (7-3) so my alarm is set for 6am … eeeek! I think I need to go and catch some “zzzzzzzz’s”

Have you enjoyed any films at the cinema recently? Do you think 3D is as good as its made out to be?


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