Being an organised kinda gal makes me a big fan of preparations! I love to plan!

I think that planning something is a big part of the anticipation and enhances your overall enjoyment of something Smile

You may have read on my blog about my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary which is coming up soon.

Here is an update on the event so far:
Location: Confirmed.
Food: The landlord has emailed my grandparents a rough idea on a set menu and it is still being negotiated.
Decorations: We have a rough idea on some decorations we would like, such as balloons, party banners, and so on but we still have to buy most of this. So far we have purchased some napkins, a photograph and I’m in the process of printing some pictures to create posters.



I have an album on my laptop with all the pictures I plan on saving on my USB to get printed out. I intend to get this done some point in the week. Once I’ve done this I can start on the posters.
Guests: Currently 18 are attending.
Present: Check.


I’m going to wait until I post any pictures of their present, but I thought it would be all right to show the wrapping paper we’ve got for it Winking smile .  I’ll leave you with this much information on the present: it is beautiful – hope they like it!

And last but not least,
Outfit: Unconfirmed. Boo! I really want to get a nice outfit sorted out for the meal Smile but still got just enough time to get something!

Are you an organised kind of person?


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