Hot And Cold


This is what my knee seems to be doing a lot lately, blowing hot and cold.

Last week I wrote about patience paying off and how my knee seems to be on the mend. Although I still think that its improved considerably, I keep seeing little signs to remind me it isn’t 100% yet. Sad smile

I ran a mile last week totally pain free which was a good sign that my knees improving. I continued to take it easy on my knee my lowering the amount of cardio I did that week so my knee could get as much rest as possible.

However on Thursday I did 30 minutes spinning, and for the last 5 minutes I really pushed myself. Friday morning when I went shopping, we parked the car in a spot about 5 minutes away from the high street and part of the walk to the high street included going down a steep hill. I was upset when I felt my knee beginning to tingle and feel slightly aggravated. I’m unsure whether it was the 5 minutes pushing myself on the bikes Thursday or walking down the steep hill Friday, or even a combination of both which made my knee play up again.

It hasn’t been as bad as it was originally which is the only good thing about it all. I rested over the weekend and then today at the gym I did a routine of running for 2 minutes, walking for 2 minutes etc for about 20 minutes, but towards the end I decided to stop as I could feel my knee was beginning to get less comfortable.


I got home and iced my knee. I’ve read on loads of blogs how runners use icing afterwards, and I can see why. Icing my knee felt really good! I hope this new tip I’ve picked up works for me Smile. I iced my knee for 15 minutes while sipping on a hot coffee.


Hot and cold. Winking smile

After I finished off icing, I fixed myself some lunch and then applied some Ibuleve Gel to my knee.


I will keep on persisting – I will run!

I’ve also been spending time to review my workouts over the last two months: In April and the beginning of May I was doing quite a lot of cardio considering my knee has been sore. So while I’m trying to get my knee to its normal standards I am going to lower the amount of cardio I do each week, maximum of 30 minutes cardio, and also I don’t think I should increase the level of the machines too high either.

In addition to this, I’ve also decided to create a weekly plan to stick to:


I really hope that having a weekly plan to stick to will help me stay motivated to achieving my summer body Smile


The rain has finally arrived here, and although we could do with it as everything looked a little dry, I miss the sunny days.


However, I have been finding the rain rather therapeutic the last few days Smile. I love opening my window to listen to the sound of rain pattering on the ground, and also the smell it creates. Its strangely such a summer smell?

Also, I’m working 4 days this week so I don’t mind the weather being a bit more dismal while I’m stuck at work. Winking smile

Do you like the rain?


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